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Modular Energy Management

Modular Energy Management

Step by Step to Greater Energy Efficiency

Our experts are here to support you with the introduction of a modular energy management system in your company. You decide whether you want to take advantage of our know-how to establish an energy management system or wish to have your company certified in compliance with the EN 16001 or ISO 50001 norms. We can offer three modules: Energy Management Status Check, Energy Savings Potential Check, and the Energy Audit. Step by step you install the infrastructure for sustainable energy management and develop your sphere of activity gradually up to maturity for certification.

Benefits At A Glance

With the support of the experts at TÜV Rheinland for establishing a modular energy management system, you:

  • Reduce your energy usage and energy costs sustainably – without foregoing accustomed standards.
  • Create transparent processes in your company and can control energy flows more specifically.
  • Establish continuous energy and cost monitoring processes.
  • Can take advantage of funding options and tax savings or profit from compensation regulation in compliance with §41 EEG.
  • Choose one-stop shop service.

Target Groups

  • Manufacturing trade, for example, the metal processing industry, food production, paper trade, tobacco industry
  • Particularly energy-intensive companies that apply for or scarcely below the special compensation regulation §41 EEG
  • Trade and real estate with high energy consumption, for example, hospitals, nursing facilities, swimming pools, or hotel chains.
  • Asset, property, and facility management companies
  • Local authorities

Your Choice: Start, Professional, or Premier

Three variations are available for you to establish a modular energy management system in your company. Either as a "Start Version" with only two modules, or the Professional and Premier versions, each with three modules. Our staff would be glad to help you decide which service is best suited to your company's needs; introduction to energy management, certification of the TÜV Rheinland standard, or the certificate in accordance with EN 16001/ISO 50001.

Module 1: Energy Management Status Check

Your first steps to successful energy management. You get a compact status report from us. It contains all essential data on energy consumption, current energy efficiency activities, as well as a list of measures for setting up an energy management system. The status check includes the following services:

  • Interview on-site with the person in charge of energy
  • Analysis of the results and a status report with instructions on the first steps for setting up an energy management system
  • Explanation of the results with recommendations for action
  • Check of possibility for making a claim for special compensation in compliance with §41 EEG for the delimitation of the EEG reallocation and existing funding possibilities

In the professional and premium versions, the status check also includes an alignment with the requirements of the relevant standard, as well as measure recommendations for attaining the certification stage.

Module 2: Potential Energy Savings Check

In the potential check our experts identify the relevant aspects of energy and energy savings potentials in your company. Our service package at a glance:

  • Visit on-site for inventory
  • Evaluation of the results and publication of a report with:
    • Description of the company's initial situation as regards energy demand and consumption
    • List of the processes and plants with the highest energy consumption
    • Evaluation of the building stock
    • Review of previous energy costs on the basis of benchmarks
    • Proposals for energy efficiency improvement measures with an approximate estimate for the savings, efficiency of essential measures, and information on existing funding opportunities
  • Explanation of the results with recommendations for action

Module 3: The Energy Audit

In the energy audit, we carry out an in-depth analysis of energy consumption. The aim is to develop a specific energy-saving concept. The scope of services includes:

  • Visits on-site for inventory and measurements
  • Evaluation of the results and publication of a report with:
    • Quantities and costs of total energy consumption
    • Status of energy consumption and results of the measurements
    • Priorities for efficient use of energy
    • Proposals for implementation of energy-saving measures
    • Proposals for use of renewable energies
    • Economic evaluation of proposals
    • Concrete recommendations for action with detailed instructions
    • Information on funding opportunities


After you have implemented the recommendations in your company, certification follows, either for the TÜV Rheinland standard or in compliance with the EN 16001 / ISO 50001 norm. It only takes six steps for our auditors to guide you to final issuing of certification.

Step 1: Optional Preliminary Audit
Our auditors conduct a preliminary audit, which also includes a site visit. They determine whether any requirements related with this standard have already been implemented in your company and, if so, which ones.

Step 2: Documentation Review
The audit team determines the extent to which your energy management system documentation already concurs with the requirements of the standard.

Step 3: Certification Audit
You demonstrate how your company applies its energy management system in practice, and our auditors test how effective it is.

Step 4: Issue of Certificate
If your company meets all of the criteria, your company is then awarded the certificate. It certifies the efficiency of your energy management system according to the relevant criteria.

Step 5: Monitoring Audits
Our annual monitoring assessments help you continuously optimize your processes.

Step 6: Certification Renewal
After three years the audit is repeated for certification renewal to ensure continued improvement in your processes. You document your commitment to energy efficiency and climate protection to your partners and customers.


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