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Consulting and Project Management Services for Medical Examinations

Medical Examinations

By conducting regular medical examinations with your staff, you can spot health issues often before they become a problem. The earlier a health issue is identified, the sooner it can be treated or even avoided completely. We offer services all around medical examinations for all staff - whether they are desk-based or dealing with hazardous substances in a factory or site. Our physicians are fully qualified and experienced professionals. Different employees – depending on their function – require different medical check-ups. As a trusted brand, you can rely on our experts to understand the role of the employee and carry out the recommended, standards-based tests and checks.

Our portfolio


Healthy Personnel Equals A Healthy Company.

Check-ups: Driver’s License Regulation
Driver’s License Regulation Checks 

Aptitude Tests for Professional Drivers.

Check-ups: X-Ray or Radiation Protection Regulation
X-Ray or Radiation Protection Regulation Check-ups 

Safe Handling of Radioactive Substances.

G26: Check-ups for Wearers of Respirators
G26 Check-ups for Wearers of Respirators  

More Safety when Working with Breathing Apparatus.

G37: Check-ups for Screen-Based Tasks
G37 Check-ups for Screen-Based Tasks 

Eye Examinations and Ergonomics Consulting.

Health Management Concept for Companies
Company Healthcare Management 

Healthy Employees Equals More Productivity.

Health Report for Companies
Health Report 

Systematic Health Inventories.

Lectures, Workshops, Events
Lectures, Workshops, Events 

Know-How for Employees’ Improved Health.

Occupational Health Care in Compliance with Occupational Safety Law (ASIG)
Occupational Health Care Compliant with ASIG 

Prevention Ensures Business Success.

Outsourcing of Company Health Services
Outsourcing of Company Health Services  

Increased Flexibility – For Less.

Travel Medicine Check-ups
Travel Medicine Consulting and Check-ups 

Be Prepared for Travel - with the Right Vaccinations.


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Get in contact with us!