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Market Research

Market Research

Targeted Market Analysis for Success on the Automobile Market

Precise knowledge of the automobile market, your competitors, and your customers can be key to your success. Secure market data can is vital when you want to put products on the market that people will be satisfied with. Our employees carry out comprehensive market analysis in the automobile sector and study the purchasing behavior and demands of your customers - allowing and helping you acquire new customers with tailor-made product offers.

Benefits at a Glance

With proper analysis of the automobile market, your competitors and the purchasing behavior of your customers from TÜV Rheinland you can:

  • React properly to the market with secure information as a basis for sound decision making
  • Get a clearer picture of the your company’s strengths and weaknesses, its products and services
  • Improve your competitive standing with our certificate, seal of approval, and proven customer satisfaction for your new products and services or for those already available on the market
  • Take advantage of our support during when developing and marketing new products and services
  • Benefit from our extensive experience with the automobile market and marketing analysis of the automobile sector

Our Services for your Success in the Automobile Branch

Our experts carry out comprehensive market research in the automobile sector for you. We provide the following services:

  • Develop surveys based on general market research themes in the automobile sector for producers and service providers.
  • Product perception, acceptance, and buying motivation analyses in terms of vehicle and accessory development.
  • Sector-wide customer satisfaction and loyalty analysis, including certificates.
  • Customer-based benchmarking.
  • Vehicle defect analysis, for example based on HU data.
  • Market and competition analysis.

Our Methods

Car Clinic
We test new vehicular technologies in the 'Car Clinic' for user compatibility and acceptance with testing subjects configured to your target group - giving you precise information that is important for your development process and, ultimately, your production success.

Experimental test runs
During a test run we will provide results of new vehicular technology based on a practical driving behavior and safety test.

Online questionnaire and multimedia query
With our online questionnaire and multimedia query, we can extract comprehensive data on customer satisfaction and acceptance for you.

Telephone and face-to-face interviews
We use telephone and face-to-face interviews as a method to carry out analyses, for example to ascertain customer satisfaction. Both methods generate fast and direct feedback.

Focus groups
Our focus groups develop target-group specific ideas on product innovation, optimization possibilities, and marketing strategies.

Mystery Shopping
We conduct 'mystery shopping' in real conditions for feedback on your on-site service. We then provide ideas and concepts for measures to improve quality.


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Get in contact with us!