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Certification and Auditing Services for Hygiene and Cleanness

TÜV Rheinland

A lack of hygiene can cause diseases and lead to serious safety issues. Regular audits of production processes, work environments and management systems are essential to ensure continuous safety, hygiene and cleanness. Our experts audit and certify businesses on the process of meeting the hygiene standards for their production, processes, systems and work environments. Why not get a competitive advantage by having your hygiene standards evaluated and certified? By responding to your customers’ needs for quality you will ultimately increase their trust in your products or services. Rely on our comprehensive service and expert solutions to demonstrate compliance to hygiene standards throughout your supply chain.

Our portfolio

BRC Consumer Product Certification
BRC Consumer Product Certification  

Keep Your Markets Open with BRC Consumer Product Certification.

Eco-Hotel Certification
Eco-Hotel Certification 

Ensure Your Success in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

Food Safety According to BRC
BRC Global Standard 

Tap into British markets with food safety certified under the BRC Global Standard.

FSC Certification
FSC® CoC Certification 

Prove how sustainable your wood or paper products are.

GMP+ Certification
Certification According to GMP+ 

Cross-industry quality assurance for feed.

Guarantor of Cleanliness and Hygiene
Guarantor of Cleanness and Hygiene 

Program: “Guarantor of Cleanness and Hygiene” – certification of cleaning firms.

HACCP Food Safety

Certify your food safety with HACCP to boost consumer confidence.

Medical Tourism-Friendly Hotel Certification
Medical Tourism Friendly Hotel Certification 

Trust & Health Safety in Hospitality premises - MTFH Certification Scheme.

PN-EN 14065 – Certification in the Laundry Service Industry
PN-EN 14065 – Certification in the Laundry Service Industry 

Certification in the laundry service industry according to PN-EN 14065 standard.

PN-EN 15593 – Certificate of Food Package Production
PN-EN 15593 – Certification of Food Packaging Production 

Certification of food packaging production according to PN-EN 15593: 2010 standard.


Increase consumer confidence with certified food quality standards at every stage of production.

TÜV Rheinland Hotel Cert - Certification of Hotel Services
TÜV Rheinland Hotel Cert – Certification of Hotel Services 

Certification of hotel services according to the TÜV Rheinland Hotel Cert Standard.

UTZ Certification Program
UTZ Certification Program 

Boost consumer confidence by proving your commitment to sustainable farming. Learn more!


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Get in contact with us!