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Power Grid Integration

Power Grid Integration and Certification Services | TÜV Rheinland

Get quality-controlled and effective power generation units with our services

Since renewable energy is the most effective new form of power generation, it is indispensable to ensure its reliability and high performance through strong, stable grid integration. With the increasing number of small power generation units, the necessity of grid integration has been constantly increasing. To sustain the competition, it is critical to attain a robust grid. We help you fulfill the requirements set by national and international guidelines. Our experts provide you with certification of power generation units (PGU) and power generating systems (PGS) to ensure that the related technical standards and grid connection guidelines are met.

Thanks to years of experience in power grid integration and our comprehensive accreditations, we can assist you to gain power generating system certification. Our experts work in close cooperation with technical authorities, which increases our credibility. We are there to support your smart grid integration project anytime, anywhere.

Contact our experts to have your power grid system certified!

Ensure constant supervision and an international level of proficiency in smart grid integration

With our certifications for grid integration, you can minimize the risk of faulty grid connections. Additionally, your products become fit for the international market as they successfully comply with international technical standards. Moreover, we assure strong and stable grid integration, which in turn enables high-performance and reliable operation of distributed energy resources.

Achieve a high standard and safe power grid with our expert support

Services for Grid Integration of Power Generators | TÜV Rheinland
Get DoC for your power grid in 4 simple steps.

Our team assists you not only to ascertain that your products are fit for the international market, but also improves competitiveness. Our core responsibility lies in ensuring the quality and safety of smart grid integration.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Measuring according to national and international Grid Codes (e.g. FGW TR3, BDEW, NS, IEC 61400)
  • Certification of grid conformity according to FGW TR8
  • Modelling according to FGW TR4 and with support of common tools (DigSilent Powerfactory, PSS Sincal, PSS Netomac, Matlab)
  • Analysis of Power Generating Units and Systems to assess conformity according to ENTSO-E or other requirements regarding frequency stability (e.g. RoCoF), robustness (e.g. fault-ride through capability), system restoration, etc.
  • Grid studies at the grid connection point, behavior analysis of power generating units and grid simulation
  • Expert service and consulting in the area of grid connection of energy network and energy projects
  • Trainings and workshops

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Codes and Standards

To guarantee the stability and performance of power grids, manufacturers and operators of decentralized power generating systems must adhere to the demands of national and international guidelines and network connection regulations. Compliance with connection conditions for supplying low, middle, high and maximum-voltage networks is an important prerequisite.

We are accredited according to ISO 17065 to certify conformity according to the following international standards:

  • Germany:
    • Connection to low-voltage networks according to VDE-AR-N 4105
    • Connection to medium-voltage networks according to BDEW MSR 2008 and VDE-AR-N 4110
    • Connection to high-voltage networks according to VDE-AR-N 4120

  • CEA, Govt of lndia Grid Standards
  • Brazilian Grid Code
  • Spanish Grid Code
  • USA Grid Code: ERCOT
  • South Africa Grid Code
  • Turkish NAR

Stationary energy storage systems

For the energy networks of the future, energy storage systems (ESS) are an important component for supporting power generation units. We test and certify ESS from the design phase through the completed facility according to national and international norms:

  • Technical guidelines FGW TR3, FGW TR4, FGW TR8
  • BDEW medium-voltage guidelines: technical connection conditions for medium, high and maximum voltage
  • VDE-AR-E 2510-2: stationary electric energy storage systems intended to connect to low-voltage networks
  • VDE-AR-E 2510-50: stationary energy storage systems with lithium battery safety requirements

Certification process

The network compatibility of decentralized power generating systems must be demonstrated. This is done, according to the voltage level, as part of the electrical characteristics verification and must be certified. Certification requires testing of the specifications related to the production unit (i.e. combined heat and power plant, wind turbine or solar inverter) and to the production facilities (i.e, wind farm or solar park):

  • Adherence to harmonics and flicker limits
  • Reactive power provision
  • Real power discharge
  • FRT simulation and network disruption behavior
  • Conferral of unit and facility certificates
  • Modeling and calculations at the network connection point
  • Network behavior simulation

After receiving certificates for the units and facilities (i.e. for the windpark, etc.), a compliance declaration for the park operator must be issued. This declaration confirms that the network operator’s technical requirements have been implemented and that the corresponding prerequisites for the receipt of feed-in remuneration -- according to the Renewable Energy Law -- have been met.

Certificates for generation units

Unit manufacturers must provide a unit certificate for all generation units (i.e., combined heat and power units, PV inverters, etc.) that are connected to the distribution or transmission grid.

TÜV Rheinland certificates for generation units confirm compliance with relevant technical standards and network connection guidelines. In addition, they verify conformity with all values specified by power supply quality requirements.

For the German market, our testing is based on the VDE-AR-N or BDEW guidelines as well as the technical guidelines 3, 4 and 8 of the FGW e.V. (Fördergesellschaft Windenergie und andere Erneuerbare Energien e.V.). We also carry out the necessary generation unit measurements related to feedback effects (short-circuit resistance, current-carrying capacity, active and reactive power provision, fault behavior). Our testing laboratory is accredited according to DIN EN 17025.

Declaration of compliance

Following the commissioning of the power generation unit in the generating facility, the grid operator is required to present a declaration of compliance. On the basis of commissioning and safety inspection records and an on-site assessment, this document confirms that both the power generating facility and unit comply to the guidelines confirmed by the facility certificate.

Submission of the declaration of compliance completes the certification process for electrical characteristics verification according to grid codes as well as the German SDLWindV ordinance (Verordnung zu Systemdienstleistungen durch Windenergieanlagen).

Your partner for the future of grid integration

For decades we have been a pioneer in the field of power generation system certification. With global experience and cooperation with technical and scientific institutions, our proficient team members are always at your service, ensuring credibility and quality.

TÜV Rheinland is authorized according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065:2013 to certify products, processes and services related to grid integration of power generation units and facilities, including their components and grid communication capabilities. We certify electrical characteristics of decentralized generation facilities according to national and international network connection rules.

Contact us and request more information about our services for grid integration and certification of power generating systems.

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