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G37 Check-ups for Screen-Based Tasks

G37 Check-ups for Screen-Based Tasks

Eye Examinations and Ergonomics Consulting

VDU or screen-based workstations can often place great strains on the eyes and the musculoskeletal system. Employees often sit in front of their screens in the same position for too long. The results: they get tired earlier and suffer from tension and eye ache. Our occupational physician can examine your employees and advise them on health risks associated with their work – and for greater numbers of employees in your company on-site too. Upon telephone appointment, we can conduct individual check-ups of your employees in an occupational health center in your.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland’s check-ups for compliance with VDU regulations, you can:

  • Avoid causing or aggravating ill health among your employees due to their activities
  • Reduce downtimes caused by accidents
  • Fulfill all legal requirements for activities involving respirators and reduce risk of liability
  • Gain legal peace of mind vis-à-vis occupational safety authorities and professional associations
  • Benefit from the high level of training of our personnel
  • Save time and money through our research facilities in several locations, efficient management, and short-term appointments

Scope of G37 Checks

  • Medical history, anamnesis for distance, proximity, and screen distance
  • Stereo vision check
  • Where necessary: advice on visual aids
  • Where necessary: ergonomic consulting

Why Not Go Straight to an Eye Specialist?

Unlike eye specialists, our occupational physicians know their how things tick in the workplace. Even if visual acuity is still within normal range, complaints are not unusual. Our occupational health professional can give advice on how you - as an employer - can improve ergonomics at work for your employees; for example, static sitting posture, poor lighting, and other factors.

Mandatory for Bosses, Voluntary for Employees

As an employer you are obliged to offer your employees regular occupational health screening. Participation is voluntary. Afterward, your employee is issued an occupational certificate of health.

Legal Standards

  • Trade association principles for occupational health screening for screen-based workstations (G 37)
  • Regulation on occupational health screening (Verordnung zur arbeitsmedizinischen Vorsorge of 18 December 2008, or ArbMedVV)
  • VDU regulation (Bildschirmverordnung, or BildschirmarbV for short)


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