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Demography Consultation

Demography Consultation

Enhance the Efficiency of Your Older Employees

Reduced birth rates, increased life expectancy, and rising pension ages up to 67 are a great challenge for companies when it comes to strategic personnel planning. With targeted support for your older employees, you can prevent personnel bottlenecks and increase your employees' sense of satisfaction with your company. Our PEPP® team, short for gain potential, problem oriented, in practice, will issue the right measures for you to optimize your company's working structures over the long-term.

Benefits at a Glance

With demography consulting from TÜV Rheinland you can:

  • Consolidate and maintain your employees’ levels of performance and recognize any need for action in good time
  • Prepare your company for demographic changes and any resulting shortage of specialists
  • Increase your employees’ level of motivation and reduce work-related stress
  • Overcome company weaknesses by dealing with internal demographic challenges
  • Encourage awareness of these processes with intensive management team integration
  • Detect stress indicators in your company
  • Benefit from customized company strategies with detailed measures

Our Demography Consultation in Four Phases

Phase 1: Interview

After you fill out a screening survey with a checklist, we use this information to analyze the age-structure of your employees and give you an initial estimate of possible consequences for your company, such as an imminent decrease in know-how. If your company is interested in PEPP®'s services, we will conclude an agreement and can begin with Phase 2.

Phase 2: Basic Analysis

The aim of this phase is to build understanding and trust across the entire management level. Experience has shown that there can be some opposition to the process, as not everyone sees the need for action when it comes to this topic. In the basic analysis we collect critical information on the structure of your personnel, including distribution of age, fluctuation, and sick leave. We also carry out interviews with your directors, company managers, and industrial committee.

Phase 3: Refined Analysis

The main goal of the refined analysis is to recognize company-specific connections. We take the structure of the company, work environment, tasks, schedules, organization setup, and further training all into close consideration. We also carry out individual interviews, make use of partial surveys for selected employees, and hold consolidation workshops.

Phase 4: Plan of Action

We make suggestions as to what measures should be implemented to ensure success. In reflective sessions, we introduce the results to your management staff and present a plan of action, setting out the strategies for your company.

PEPP® for a Healthy Company

PEPP® is a strategy that helps you cope with demographic shifts in your company and lets you consolidate and maintain the performance of all of your employees over the long term.

Integrating Older Workers

To ensure a company's well-being in the future, it is vital that your older employees are well integrated in the working schedule. Concepts and solutions that maintain and develop employees' performance and working capabilities are increasingly necessary to aid progress in demographic shifts.

Maintaining Performance

PEPP® helps your company encourage and maintain the performance of your workers up until retirement age. To implement the measures effectively requires observation of the existing company structure and the resulting findings. Work, motivation, health, and skills are all measurable factors that influence basic work motivation. External pressure and job requirements lead to considerable stress when taking individual skills into consideration.

Our Approach

Using strategic measures, our experts can establish and assess causes of stress and determine the right measures you need to take. In terms of possible aftercare, we can provide follow-on coaching sessions and survey implementation of these measures during a normal working day.

Recognizing Stress Limits

Stress factors, such as work tasks, schedules, environment, relations, and the organization itself, can influence the situation at the workplace and can even affect employees outside the workplace. It is imperative that you recognize the triggers and develop intelligent and targeted strategies to prevent them. Planning measures and incentives that promote your employees’ health, help them avoid psychological stress, and maintain physical fitness, all contribute to the success of PEPP®.


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