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Compliance Analysis for Occupational Safety Management

Compliance Analysis for Occupational Safety Management

Effective Occupational Safety Management

Occupational safety. Health protection. Industrial safety – how effectively does your company implement all of the legal requirements? To find out, take advantage of our experts' know-how. We can identify the areas and types of risks in your company that can affect occupational safety. As part of our compliance analysis services we can inspect and analyze how well tasks and measures are implemented in your operations and can show you where there is room for improvement. Our safety analysis services provide you with a comprehensive review that takes all aspects of occupational safety into consideration.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland as your partner for compliance analysis services for occupational safety management, you:

  • Reduce the risk of liability and gain legal peace of mind
  • Cut down the risk of occupational hazards
  • Receive a comprehensive review of your occupational safety management
  • Are properly prepared for audits or any form of certification

The Compliance Analysis Process

We start by sitting down with you to set out which company areas will be analyzed. Using the compliance analysis method we develop on the basis of our talks, we then conduct interviews, analyze documents and pay inspection visits to selected areas of the company – together with a company representative of yours. After the compliance check, you then receive a detailed, individual analysis of the results, with action recommendations for occupational safety content or organization. Besides listing the requirements you still need to meet, our analysis report also provides advice on how to improve occupational safety measures at your company and, where applicable, also points out where more action is needed.

Compliance Analysis Modules

As part of the compliance analysis process, we check and assess how far your company meets the legal requirements of occupational safety in the selected fields. In doing so, we take the following aspects into consideration:

  • Organizational structure and responsibilities
  • Industrial safety
  • Health protection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Occupational health and safety regulations (BetrSichV)
  • Contracting external companies
  • Construction sites
  • Hazardous substances
  • Fire protection
  • Environmental protection
  • Data protection
  • Crisis management

Depending on your company's specific needs, additional modules can be added to the compliance check.

Target Groups

Who benefits from compliance analysis services?

Compliance analysis is a useful tool for managers who want a proper idea of the current state of occupational safety in their company. Compliance analysis also gives management important indications as to any need for action and possible liability risks.

When do we recommend you turn to our compliance analysis services?

  • If you want an extensive review of your occupational safety management.
  • If you want to prove you comply with legal requirements and supervisory obligations.
  • If you need to prepare for an audit or certification.
  • If you have to evaluate how up-to-date and competent your risk assessment is.
  • If you want to improve efficiency of your occupational health and safety protection.

New Regulations Now Apply

Ever since the new statutory health and accident insurance regulations – with new requirements for company doctors and occupational safety specialists – came into force in Germany, managers or directors in companies that employ more than ten people must now fulfill more legal requirements than before. The level of responsibility has risen, and the new basis for occupational work and health protection now consists of basic support and company-specific occupational safety components.

Managers and directors are now required to determine the level of company-specific support themselves. The advantage is that they can match support precisely to the characteristics of the company, the risks inherent in the operational sequences and the needs of the people working there. However, this requires close cooperation between managers and directors, company doctors and occupational safety specialists.

Compliance Analysis and Statutory Health and Accident Insurance Regulations

Our compliance analysis services help you – as a director or manager – identify the company-specific support you need. Our experts help you with the services that make sense and are necessary for your occupational safety support. Just ask them!


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