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X-Ray or Radiation Protection Regulation Check-ups

X-Ray or Radiation Protection Regulation Check-ups

Safe Handling of Radioactive Substances

In X-ray diagnosis, or when handling radioactive materials, your employees can be exposed to increased doses of radiation. This can increase the risk of possible conditions getting worse. Our experts can check whether your staff are suitable to work in areas with increased exposure to radiation – before they start working for you and at regular intervals thereafter, depending on the dosage of radiation. They can advise on health risks associated with their tasks and can issue certificates of suitability.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland’s screening for compliance with X-ray and radiation protection regulations, you can:

  • Avoid causing or aggravating ill health among your employees due to their activities
  • Fulfill all legal requirements for activities involving respirators and reduce risk of liability
  • Gain legal peace of mind vis-à-vis occupational safety authorities and professional associations
  • Benefit from the high level of training of our personnel
  • Save time and money through our research facilities in several locations, efficient management, and short-term appointments

Our Approach

Based on X-ray or radiation protection regulations, your radiation protection official determines which of your employees need to undergo medical examination for occupational health. After we arrange an appointment by telephone, we conduct the check-up for your employee in an occupational health center in your area. Alternatively, check-ups can also be done on-site at your company – given the right premises and a minimum number of medical examinations. We then issue an occupational certificate of health or document it in their radiation passport. For exposed personnel in Category A, annual follow-up examinations are necessary.

Our Services

Occupational health screening by TÜV Rheinland includes the following services:

  • Medical screening and follow-up examination
  • Medical assessment and consulting for persons exposed to radiation at the workplace
  • Specific occupational health screening in cases where dose levels have been exceeded

The type of examination and scope are based on the general health and working conditions, on health consequences of possible incidents, and on the type of radiation exposure.

Medical Examination Schedule

Depending on effective radiation doses per calendar year, workplaces falls into one of the two following categories:

  • Category A: more than 6 mSv (millisievert) per year or
  • Category B: more than 1 mSv (millisievert) per year.

No Category A activity can be carried out without a prior medical examination. Following the initial check-up, follow-on medical examinations are required annually. Pursuant to X-ray regulations (§ 40 Paragraph 1 of Röntgenverordnung) and radiation protection regulations (§ 63 Paragraph 1 of Strahlenschutzverordnung), if an incident occurs during execution of the activity and a higher dose of radiation is likely, the employee is obliged to seek immediate medical assistance from an authorized radiation protection physician. For Category B tasks, only a single examination is required when the employee starts working.

Occupational Health Expert instead of a Physician

Only doctors authorized to conduct medical examinations for compliance with X-ray and radiation protection regulations can carry out this screening. Our staff have extensive knowledge of radiation protection and can advise you on all issues - from risk assessment to restrictions in case of pregnancy.

Legal Standards

  • X-ray regulations (Röntgenverordnung, or RöV)
  • Radiation protection regulations (Strahlenschutzverordnung, or StrlSchV)


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