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Certified Service Quality – Sports

certified service quality – sports – TÜV Rheinland

The new international standard for service quality in sports

Competition in the sports industry extends much further than the playing field. Clubs and organizations must compete fiercely for the fans that fuel their economic success. This is where the quality of your club’s services comes into play.

Together with our partner SLC Management, we offer a service that meets the specific challenges of the sports industry – "Certified Service Quality – Sports.” SLC Management is the leading company for market and opinion research, fact-based consulting services as well as quality management and customer satisfaction in sports. Their unique system for quality analysis and evaluation, the PAC® (Permanent Adapted Certification) procedure, targets the infrastructure of sports clubs, facilities, associations and sporting events. Together with our audit concept, the PAC® process forms the basis of the standard "Certified Service Quality – Sports" and guarantees a customized approach that is permanently and dynamically adapted to market-relevant factors.

Drawing on SLC Management's many years of experience in the sports sector and our international track record in industrial certification, we take a comprehensive view of your organization and its services. Together we aim to create a positive experience for fans, spectators, sponsors and the public while improving your image and ensuring your success. This creates added value for all involved. The result for you: More security for your success.

Improve your service quality now and assess your performance against national / international benchmarks!

Competences and services within the standard "Certified Service Quality – Sports"

Key features of our standard certified service quality – Sports

Clubs already using our unique standard for service quality (excerpt)

Allianz Arena München
Rudi Völler, Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Beijing Sinobo Guoan Football Club

Your unique manual for sustainable quality management in sport

You receive new data and information to support your quality management sustainably.

Learn more about our standard "Certified Service Quality – Sport" Contact us!

Sport certification with TÜV Rheinland

Get important information with certified service quality in sports

Ensure smooth processes with our standard "Certified Service Quality – Sports"

Sport certification with SLC Management and TÜV Rheinland
Focus on the fan - secure advantages with proven service quality in sport!

Every event must run like clockwork regardless of time and cost constraints. Are your service areas well coordinated and up to the challenge? Whether you run a professional or an amateur club, the perfect interplay of infrastructure, functionality and service ensures that your customers and fans enjoy their experience to the fullest.

Benefit not only from our agile and flexible sports market-specific procedural structures, but also from a comprehensive data package that contributes to the strategic and operational improvement of your service quality. Our process allows you to compare your organization’s performance with national and international benchmarks for each individual service quality criterion, ensuring targeted optimization. You can also reduce your dependence on sporting success by maximizing customer satisfaction and implementing modern infrastructure management that reduces costs and increases your revenues.

Economic success in the sports sector can only be achieved with consistent and sustainable quality management. Continuity is key, and can be supported with a thorough analysis followed by regular monitoring. Our experts offer all this in a unique price-performance ratio, which creates the following additional benefits:

  • A measurable impact of quality and customer satisfaction
  • Transparency in the improvement of success factors and avoidance of negative factors
  • Disclosure of optimization and revenue potentials
  • Information gathering to satisfy stakeholder interests
  • Service provider and third-party provider controlling, which can serve as the basis for contract negotiations

Our standard for increasing service quality in sports – from amateur to professional clubs, from small arenas to large stadiums

Our international standard is aimed at professional and amateur clubs as well as arenas and stadiums and covers all types of sports and events.

Service quality and customer satisfaction have a direct impact on the behavior of fans, visitors and customers. Infrastructure management such as stadium management, catering and merchandising is becoming increasingly important for additional revenue.

The certification process for "Certified Service Quality – Sport"

When carrying out the certification audit, our experts consider all relevant service points, from online ticketing and other upfront services to customer attendance experiences and departure from the event location.

1. Mystery check

Inspectors start the mystery check in the run-up to the event with an examination of upfront services in the areas of online ticketing and merchandising, as well as information on transport and arrivals. During the sporting event, incognito inspectors run through your service processes on site. A comprehensive photo report of the mystery check is used to document and highlight your potential for improvement.

2. Spectator survey

Parallel to the mystery check, our experts evaluate your services from the visitors’ perspective. The spectator survey is carried out specific for your club and benchmarked with the entire league. Basic research, including surveys, benchmarking and data analysis for certification is carried out by our partner SLC Management, the leading company for market/opinion research, quality management and customer satisfaction in the Bundesliga and the sports market in general.

3. Certification audit

Here, we discuss data from the spectator survey and mystery check and develop recommendations for actions. From this data, conclusions can be drawn about the functionality of the processes, i. a. also regarding the integration of third party providers.

4. Issuing the certificate

If the essential criteria for quality management are fulfilled, the certificate "Certified Service Quality – Sport" can be issued. It certifies conformity with the requirements of the “Certified Service Quality” standard. The certificate is valid indefinitely, subject to audit confirmation.

5. Audit confirmation

An audit confirmation is held at least once a year to ensure the sustained quality of the services provided. It supports the continuous optimization of your service processes. The audit confirmation consists of the spectator survey and the mystery check.

Improvement process Certified Service Quality Sport

Certified sports clubs - Our references

Well-known Bundesliga clubs have already been certified by us. As the first professional sports club in Germany, FC Bayern München has met the requirements of our new standard for "Certified Service Quality - Sport".

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1. FC Köln and Bayer 04 Leverkusen also met the requirements of the standard "Certified Service Quality – Sport"

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Draw on our experience to certify your service quality in the sports sector

From parking convenience, to friendly catering services, to the ideal stadium experience, with our expertise you sustainably increase customer satisfaction and strengthen the economic success of your club. As a neutral, experienced testing service provider we can assess your performance based on our "Certified Service Quality – Sports" certification. You reap the benefits of an exclusive certificate and our recognized test mark while ensuring customer satisfaction and fan loyalty.

If you have any further questions or would like more information on the subject of "Certified Service Quality – Sports," please contact us!


Certified Service Quality at FC Bayern Munich

Certified Service Quality – Sports

Certified Service Quality at 1. FC Cologne

Our Sport References

pdf “Certified Service Quality – Sports” at FC Bayern Munich 410 KB Download
pdf “Certified Service quality – Sports” 1. FC Köln successfully certified 585 KB Download
pdf Bayer 04 Leverkusen awarded certificate “Certified Service Quality – Sports” 422 KB Download


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