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Hygiene Certificate for the Hospitality Industry

Our certificate reflects effective anti-corona measures and hygiene regulations for restaurants and hotels | TÜV Rheinland

Reassure guests and employees in the hospitality industry with our hygiene and Infection-protection management certification

The COVID 19 pandemic poses special challenges for the hospitality industry. As they reopen, hotels and restaurants are subject to demanding and complex regulations. In order to credibly document and communicate their compliance to the public, we have developed a certification program to the industry.

As a neutral third party, we review compliance with the technical, organizational and personnel requirements companies must implement to comply with current hygiene and infection prevention regulations. Following a successful review, you receive the certificate "Hygiene and Infection-protection management in the hospitality industry", which proves that you are taking all the precautions necessary to protect the health of your guests and employees.

Our experts are at your side with extensive know-how and a pragmatic approach. We understand the challenges you face as your company reopens and support you with our official TÜV certificate.

Set an important example and document your fulfillment of hygiene standards! Talk to our experts today!

Strengthen guest confidence by certifying your business’s Infection-protection measures

"Hygiene and protection against possible infection are currently very important when visiting a restaurant or a pub, a hotel or a guesthouse. Our initiative with voluntary inspections is intended to help companies document how seriously they take the safety of guests and employees.

Olaf Seiche from TÜV Rheinland

With our certificate, specially developed for the hospitality industry, you demonstrate fulfillment of regulatory hygiene requirements in your restaurant or hotel. Our broad-based program provides you with reliable steps to effectively implement infection prevention measures so that guests and employees know that their health is your top priority. Our objective, third party certification process increases trust in your company considerably during uncertain times.

Our hygiene certification at a glance

Our hygiene certification process for the hospitality industry during and after the pandemic | TÜV Rheinland
Your path to successful hygiene certification for the hotel and restaurant industry

Our specially developed certificate for the hotel and restaurant industry is awarded based on results of voluntary inspections during which our experts verify compliance with standards for hygiene and infection prevention.

The audit includes a list of 80 criteria defined on the basis of specific guidelines published by the EU Commission and the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as regulations of individual European countries.

Audit implementation

  • The hygiene inspection is carried out by our trained auditors who verify compliance with the criteria during operations.
  • After a successful audit, you receive the certificate and our globally recognized test mark.
  • The valid certificate for "Hygiene and Anti-Protection Management in the Hospitality Industry" will then be listed in our open online database Certipedia.
  • Subsequently, compliance with the specifications is checked in annual monitoring audits.
  • In times of an active pandemic, compliance is monitored in additional, unannounced, semi-annual surveillance audits.

What is a hospitality certificate?

Our experts have compiled answers to the most important questions concerning hygiene certification in the hospitality industry.

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Who developed the certificate?

The new standard was created in cooperation with the VdTÜV, which developed the "Principles of the VdTÜV for the inspection of hygiene and Infection-protection measures in the hospitality industry”. Our experts worked closely with our partner on the development of the new standard.

When was the certificate for hygiene in the hospitality industry developed?

The pilot phase was launched in August 2020 in response to the worldwide corona pandemic. This phase is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

What criteria are examined to determine hygiene and Infection-protection management in the hospitality industry?

Our audit catalog contains a total of 80 individual criteria and measures. It is aimed at ensuring a safe working environment for employees and the protection of guests in restaurant and hotel operations. This is achieved through regulations for technical and organizational procedures or through adapted work processes. In addition to distance regulations, face coverings and contact tracing information, the audit criteria also include legal and regulatory requirements for hygiene and infection prevention measures in these establishments.

What are the audit criteria based on?

The catalog of criteria is based on the subject-specific guidelines of the EU Commission and the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as on the regulations of individual European countries. Regional requirements are also taken into account.

Who can earn certification?

The certification is aimed specifically at companies in the hospitality industry. This includes hotels, restaurants, pubs, cafés and other businesses whose work consists of the commercial catering and/or accommodation of guests.

What are the advantages of checking hygiene and Infection-protection measures?

With our certification, you as a company in the hospitality industry can credibly document that the protection of your employees and guests is your top priority. With our globally recognized certificate, you show that you have optimally implemented the strict regulations on hygiene in the hospitality industry, burnishing your image and gaining a clear competitive advantage.

How is the certification process carried out?

Certification involves an on-site audit at your place of business. During this audit, our experts check for compliance with the specially defined criteria. After successful completion, you receive our certificate and an entry in "Certipedia”, our certificate database. The certificate is only issued if all required criteria are met.

Subsequently, continued compliance with hygiene regulations is checked annually through monitoring audits. In addition, unannounced surveillance audits take place every six months in times of an active pandemic.

Expertise in restaurant and hotel hygiene management

Our experienced team of auditors has many years of experience in the field of gastronomy and tourism. For more than 20 years we have been involved in various sectors of the industry, offering hotels and restaurants objective confirmation of compliance with a range of regulatory measures. With us at your side, you reassure customers that hygiene and infection prevention are comprehensively implemented and monitored in your establishment.

Our experts will be happy to speak with you personally about certification in the hospitality industry. Please contact us!


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