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Aviation Management Staff

TÜV Rheinland

Staying competitive in aviation management means consistently developing new products and strategies for entering new markets and providing constant high-quality service. Economic and operational management of airlines, airports, handling companies and ground operators can be a very complex challenge. We help prepare you successfully meet such challenges! We offer seminars covering topics such as passengers and quality management, the transport of hazardous goods, aviation law, electrical engineering and maintenance. Our expert trainers use theoretical and practical examples to get their ideas across. Benefit from a variety of learning methods and our long-term expertise and experience in aviation security and management.

Our portfolio


Aircraft Safety with Consulting, Training, and Certification.


Quality and Safety in Airport Operations.

Aviation Industry
Aviation Industry 

Consulting, Testing, Certifications, and Qualifications for the Aviation Industry.

Aviation: Authorities and Associations
Authorities and Associations 

Independent Consulting and Support for Aviation Authorities and Associations.

Aviation: Transporting Children on Airplanes
Transporting Children on Airplanes 

Safety for Children on Airplanes.

Aviation: Transporting Special Categories of Passengers (SCPs)
Transporting Special Categories of Passengers 

Safety for Persons with Handicaps or Reduced Mobility (PRM).


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Get in contact with us!