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Solar Research and Development for Industry and Policy

Solar Research and Development for Industry and Policy

Solar research and development supporting manufacturers, governments and NGOs to ensure quality and establish policy.

Both manufacturers producing components for the solar industry and governmental agencies working to set quality standards depend upon solid solar research and development (R&D). Bound to different regulations and standards, manufacturers utilize R&D services to characterize products and conduct prototype testing according to individually developed test sequences. Governments and non-governmental organizations (NGO) trust in impartial, expert R&D services such as long-term studies and the construction of test sites or laboratories in order to monitor operational performance of and to develop appropriate local standards for solar projects under their jurisdiction. In order to appropriately serve both groups, a provider must have the expertise and experience in both industry and policy.

Solar consulting for extra confidence

Research and development activity is tailored to support either manufacturers of particular solar equipment and components, large scale projects led by consortiums of leading research institutes and industry partners or regulators establishing policy. TÜV Rheinland solar R&D covers areas such as the electrical characterization of PV modules, long-term quality assessment, the identification of aging methods and mechanisms as well as the prediction of service life. Specializing in the comprehensive failure analysis of PV components and modules, the TÜV Rheinland solar team is further able to provide these critical services for additional assurance.

We conduct consulting services for test laboratories as well as the continuous development of test procedures. Results based on technical requirements and testing methods applied to the widest variety of projects are then incorporated into both national and international standardization committees.

Reference: research project for stationary storage systems

PV module or component characterization

Our experts provide the R&D services vital to every solar project. Our specialists conduct PV module or component characterization using detailed knowledge and extensive experience in reference to specific technologies and applications. Specific performance criteria with mechanical and optical parameters as well as adapted safety factors are implemented to assess quality and reliability as well as to improve products.

Quality assurance and strategies

To meet maximum quality requirements, TÜV Rheinland power controlled or PV chain services are integrated into regular processes to ensure persistent quality monitoring. Improved quality throughout manufacturing, transportation and installation as well as verification from a recognized testing laboratory provide a solid basis for investment in PV systems and power stations.

Reference: fire risk assessment of photovoltaic systems

Developing solar test procedures

A lack of defined requirements and testing methods for PV products and applications can create gaps in product perception. Our solar experts develop analysis and test procedures in accordance with technological advances as well as market feedback regarding failures and quality issues. Test procedures for PV modules and solar-thermal collectors are developed in line with product-specific characteristics and applied in a testing laboratory. In order to deploy solar projects in regions such as deserts and tropical areas for which standard procedures have not been developed, new test scenarios must be created.

Reference: solar testing facility in the Arabic desert

Solar consultancy around the world

Solar Research and Development for Industry and Policy

TÜV Rheinland R&D experts in the fields of applications and products, fault mechanisms, safety risk considerations (FMEA), comparative

studies/benchmarking of material combinations as well as prototype characterization provide consulting determined by individual customer need. We help to set up test sites and laboratories and consult manufacturers as well as federal, regional and local governments and NGOs around the world.

Reference: Co-ordination of an expert group in 18 countries, for the Internatinal Energy Agency for the project “Performance and Reliability of Photovoltaic Systems“.

Outsourcing of solar research and development

Manufacturers of solar modules or components as well as governmental agencies and NGOs regulating solar plants face challenges solved with outsourced solar R&D.

Manufacturers looking to R&D to ensure the long-term reliability, quality and durability of products often hire external R&D to access large-scale specialized testing equipment and facilities not at hand. Often in situations demanding the quick establishment of renewable energy policies, governments and NGOs require a partner with deep knowledge and experience in standards and regulations.

With seven solar test laboratories in operation, TÜV Rheinland provides valuable assistance in setting up individual R&D facilities and creating test methods for particular local needs. Our experts with extensive experience in solar technology characterization further support political roadmaps with continuous product development to secure local manufacturing.

Your benefits

In a comprehensive solar research and development services portfolio for solar projects, we offer you:

  • Customized support
  • Sustainably-optimized products and solutions
  • Backing from approved, state-of-the-art testing laboratories
  • A respected and globally recognized partner

Recognition of services conducted by TÜV Rheinland include:

  • Benchmark testing ranking
  • Power controlled or PV chain certificates
  • Highlighted USPs with third-party verification

With over 30 years of experience in solar energy, TÜV Rheinland owns and operates first-class laboratories around the world and is active in all leading standardization committees. Let us work to provide you the best research and development services for your solar project!

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