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Service Providers and Retailers

TÜV Rheinland

The role of a service provider or retailer is immensely important in our daily life. The various service providers, be it in the field of support, legal, telecommunication, processing, storage or any other segment, have an influence in the daily life of their clients. Similarly, the retail sector is directly related to customers and plays a pivotal role in their day to day living.

As these sectors are directly related to their clientele, it becomes even more important to ensure customer satisfaction and to build their trust. Our experts strive to help service providers and professionals of the retail sector improve the services catered to your clients and show your positioning for high-quality service. With our audits and certifications, you take the next leap towards customer service excellence.

We are an independent organization with expertise in the certification of service providers and retailers. Our certification is not only appreciated and recognized widely but also adds value to the service provided. We help you to stand out amongst the competition.

Our portfolio

Derailment Investigations
Derailment Investigations 

We are available 24 hours to provide specialized derailment investigations, identification and prevention approaches.

Railway: Train Construction and Production Monitoring
Train Construction and Production Monitoring  

Clear the Path with our Construction and Production Monitoring.

Track and Train Studies
Track and Train Studies 

Improve performance and increase efficiency with TÜV Rheinland's train and track studies.


Get in contact with us!

Get in contact with us!