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Safety Technology

TÜV Rheinland

Modern safety technology is widespread and advanced – and advancing all the time. We strive constantly to keep abreast of innovation and development so we are always ready to help you make the most the very latest safety technology solutions you require, in a huge range of industries and sectors. Our expert technicians and engineers will listen to and understand the challenges you face. We can liaise with you from process design stages through to implementation of particular safety technology solutions. We have the knowledge and experience to bring you certified safety technology ahead of the curve, help you use it in the right way and to the correct guidelines. With advanced methodologies and the hardware and software technology itself, you will be able to demonstrate a significant competitive edge. Work with a world-renowned trusted brand.

Our portfolio

Approval Management: Railway
Approval Management 

Approval in Rail Transport Made Easy.

Condition Monitoring for Rail Transport
Condition Monitoring for Rail Transport 

Wireless, reliable condition monitoring components relevant to safety and operational availability.

Derailment Investigations
Derailment Investigations 

We are available 24 hours to provide specialized derailment investigations, identification and prevention approaches.

Railway Infrastructure: Assessment and Audit
Assessment and Audit of Railway Infrastructure 

Unlimited Railroad Traffic on Tested Tracks.

Railway: Functional Safety of Transportation Systems
Functional Safety of Transportation Systems 

Functional Safety of Transportation Systems.

Railway: Software Safety in Transportation Systems
Software Safety for Transportation Systems 

Tested Software in Safety-Relevant Transport Engineering.

Railway: Train Construction and Production Monitoring
Train Construction and Production Monitoring  

Clear the Path with our Construction and Production Monitoring.

RAMS Analysis
RAMS Analyses 

Proper Safety Analyses for Reliable and Safe Rail Engineering.

Track and Train Studies
Track and Train Studies 

Improve performance and increase efficiency with TÜV Rheinland's train and track studies.


Get in contact with us!

Get in contact with us!