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Consulting and Project Management Services for Occupational Medicine

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Occupational medicine (or industrial medicine) deals with the maintenance of health in the workplace. It includes the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries, as well as promotes productivity and social adjustment. As a workplace medicine specialist, you work to achieve and maintain the highest standards of occupational health and safety.

We offer a wide range of services in various fields of occupational medicine. From medical examinations to activities with hazardous substances or biological agents, down to legal bases on the management of expectant mothers, prevention, risk assessment or return to work. Our experts are all fully qualified and experienced in their fields. They may be, for example, - physicians, psychologists or healthcare managers. Our aim is to assist you in ensuring you have a fit and healthy workforce. By partnering with us as a trusted brand, you should reduce absences, keep your staff motivated, cut costs, and overall maintain and enhance your competitive edge.

Occupational Medicine

A healthy workforce is a healthy organization.

Legal Bases, State of the Art & Occupational Medicine
Legal Bases & Occupational Medicine  

Stay abreast of the legal background and updates related to occupational medicine.


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