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Services for Companies and Organizations in the Vehicle and Rail Industry

TÜV Rheinland

Whatever your position in the company or in the supply chain is, you strive to ensure constant safety, quality as well as compliance for your people, products, services or management systems. Whether from our headquarters in Cologne, Germany, or anywhere in the world through our extensive network of offices and laboratories, we are active in all major industrial sectors and areas of life. As an independent service provider, our experts test, monitor, inspect, develop, assess and certify products, equipment, processes and management systems. We also train people in a wide range of professions and fields.

Since 1872, we have stood for safety and quality for the people, the environment and technology. Benefit from our wide range of services, expert support and areas of expertise especially designed for your product or company. Our experts offer tailored solutions on the basis of statutory regulations or your own specifications, as well as other relevant performance benchmarks and standards.

Companies and Organizations in the Vehicle and Rail Industry

Benefit from our services for companies in the traffic, vehicle and rail industries.

Banks & Financiers
Banks and Financiers  

Consulting and project management services helping you make solid, profitable investment decisions.

Car Dealers & Garages
Garages and Dealerships  

We provide expert services needed for compliant vehicle safety and quality repairs.

Fleet Management Companies
Fleet Management Companies  

We provide you independent fleet analysis to achieve potential savings and optimize profitability.

Leasing Companies
Leasing Companies  

We help you manage operations and thrive in competitive environments in the leasing business.

Train Service Operators
Train Service Operators  

We provide crucial services to help train service operators serve customers safely and reliably.


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Get in contact with us!