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Services on Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

TÜV Rheinland

The risk of heart disease can be significantly reduced if you adopt certain measures and encourage a healthier lifestyle – both at work and at leisure. Most people are fully aware that quitting smoking and regulating alcohol intake is sensible. Trying to maintain a healthy bodyweight is wise. As is adopting a healthy and balanced diet. These all contribute to reducing the risk of cardiovascular conditions.

Without imposing, how do you communicate these well-known facts to your workforce? It is vital to look at what you and your staff are doing now to help prevent cardiovascular disease. You can depend on us to deliver advice to help you manage your program and actively contribute to cardiovascular disease prevention in your company. Our experts on exercise, excessive substance intake and addiction, nutrition and weight control are sensitive to the requirements and potential resistances of your workforce. Partner with us to build a healthier, more competitive organization.

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