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Source Code Audit

Source Code Audit

Harden your software security with our source code audits

Software can be expected to have some programming errors, security vulnerabilities or even perfectly innocuous functions that can be exploited for malicious attacks. A source code audit puts your software to the test under laboratory conditions to uncover safety-related weak points.

Our specialists approach your software from a developer's perspective and uncover security risks that might be inherent to the code underpinning your most important software applications. You will receive a detailed audit report documenting our findings and recommending a course of action to close the vulnerabilities in your code. This allows you to improve your mission-critical software applications with surgical precision.

We are your reliable partner in all things IT security. Our experts are well-versed in a wide range of programming languages, and our longstanding experience means we are optimally poised to bolster your IT security and improve the quality of your software.

Are you interested in making your software as secure as possible by subjecting it to rigorous testing? Contact our specialists now to learn more!

Detailed information on how to protect your source code against malicious attacks

A source code audit examines the functionality and logical structure of your software in an effort to uncover even the most difficult-to-detect security risks. By engaging in a proactive strategy, you can mitigate the damage done by cyberattacks and in most cases preempt them entirely. Take advantage of heightened security, the benefits of which include great savings in terms of time, money and effort that would otherwise be spent on damage control.

Benefits of a source code audit | TÜV Rheinland

Our source code analysis service offers significant benefits.

Get your comprehensive source code analysis service in three simple steps

Audits are recommended as early as the development phase, where they serve as a quality-control mechanism for your software from day one. Once you have granted the necessary permissions for our experienced IT security specialists to access your source code – either partially or in its entirety – the general procedure is as follows:

  1. Planning and preparation
    We work closely with you to determine which areas need examining.
  2. Implementation
    Our specialists use automated methods as well as manual analytic techniques to examine the details of your source code.
  3. Documentation
    We provide you with a final report that details any weaknesses we may have uncovered, along with recommended remedies that you can implement straight away.

Ideally, your source code audit should be complemented by penetration tests and/or security analyses following the development phase.

Put your software to the test and discover the benefits of our security analysis

Reliable and experienced, we are the right partner to strengthen the quality of your software applications. Our specialists have accumulated decades of know-how in the field of source code auditing, network analysis and penetration testing. This depth of experience allows us to take various approaches to simulate complex patterns of attack and uncover weak points in the programming logic. Our experts not only have experience, they have expertise thanks to their highly developed educational background as well as regular ongoing training.

Contact our specialists today to arrange a source code audit and optimize the quality of your software applications.

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