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Certipedia, the certificate database of TÜV Rheinland.

Certipedia – TÜV Rheinland’s certificate database

  • Certipedia – TÜV Rheinland’s certificate database – provides our customers with an unfiltered insight into the scope and content of TÜV Rheinland’s certification work.
  • The certificate database Certipedia offers an overview of the certifications in the areas of products, systems, and peoples´ skills.
  • The personnel certification section of Certipedia provides information about PersCert TÜV certification programs and contains a register of certified persons who bear their own test mark to showcase their validated competence.
  • The certificate database Certipedia is a way for PersCert TÜV cooperation partners to identify and showcase which qualification courses with a PersCert TÜV exam are available on the market.
  • Our certificate database Certipedia has all the information you need about individual test marks.

Give your skills a strong competitive presence

Test mark for cooperation partners

Advertise yourself with the certification program

Our cooperation partners can use the test mark for advertising purposes. This demonstrates the valued significance attached to a qualification program independently certified by PersCert TÜV.

PersCert TÜV test mark

Use your skills as advertisement

Let the world know about your validated skills! After successful certification, our graduates can use our famous and accredited test mark to showcase your competence.

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