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NuMat Technologies Earns ISO 9001 Certification

09-02-16Littleton, MA

Littleton, MA - Sept. 2, 2016 — NuMat Technologies, a pioneering gas storage solutions developer, has recently achieved ISO 9001 Certification, as accredited by TÜV Rheinland of North America.

NuMat’s materials technology enables fundamental performance shifts in the gas storage and separations industries through tailor designed nanoporous materials which can efficiently store gases at low pressure. This breakthrough addresses the “compression obstacle” for gas storage and transportation applications. For example, NuMat has developed materials which can store methane at approximately one-fifth the pressure of existing compressed natural gas solutions.

NuMat is commercializing Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), which have the highest surface area of any known material. One gram of MOFs, unfolded, can cover an entire football field, a key innovation because gases stick to surfaces.

“As a leader in the commercialization of next generation gas separation, storage and recycling systems that critically depend on material performance, NuMat is committed to meeting the highest standards of quality,” said NuMat CEO Benjamin Hernandez. “The ISO 9001:2008 certification is an important milestone for our company, and provides assurance to partners and customers of our continued commitment to quality excellence. I am extremely appreciative of our team’s efforts as well as TÜV Rheinland’s partnership throughout the certification process.”

The rigorous quality management system adopted by NuMat covers the production of MOF materials and their integration into industrial, medical and consumer products.

ISO 9001 is a globally accepted standard for companies who establish and maintain a quality management system to better meet the needs of their customers. A general standard used by businesses, ISO 9001 certification is voluntary and shows a company’s overall commitment to quality, including customer satisfaction and continually improving business performance.

ISO 9001 provides a systemic way to identify opportunities for improving company operations. As a result, management is able to make decisions which improve business performance, including: defining policy and objectives, monitoring/measuring processes and product characteristics, specifying corrective and preventive actions, and encouraging continuous improvement.

The Standard covers design, development, production and service, and is divided into the following areas:

  • • Management Responsibility
  • • Resource Management
  • • Product Realization
  • • Measurement, Analysis and Improvement

Collectively, these areas define processes the company must consistently adhere to in order to meet customer and regulatory requirements. These processes also help the business:

  • • Make sure bad products are not passed to customers
  • • Determine what to do with bad product
  • • Determine and deal with the root cause of problems
  • • Keep records as a tool for decision making and improving the management system

There are significant benefits to ISO 9001 certification, including: protecting your company reputation, minimizing compliance and liability risk, and validating your supply chain.

About ISO

The ISO quality system was developed in order to establish an internationally recognized standard of quality. Today, the ISO 9001 standard is recognized in over 150 countries. ISO 9001 requires certification by an independent certification body and annual audits to ensure conformance to the standard. Additionally, companies must perform regular performance reviews through internal audits and meetings. This allows companies to document procedures, as well as monitor processes and make decisions.

About NuMat Technologies

NuMat Technologies is pioneering the commercialization of next generation storage, separation and purification systems enabled by Metal-Organic Frameworks (“MOFs) – an emerging class of nanoporous materials. MOFs have vast surface areas, far exceeding those of traditional adsorbents, and can be programmed to selectively interact with targeted gases. NuMat provides a “total solutions” platform for product commercialization, pairing world-class material discovery software with rapid prototyping and system integration expertise. For more information, visit

About TÜV Rheinland

Founded in 1871, TÜV Rheinland is a global leader in independent testing, inspection, certification, and consulting services. The company inspects technical equipment, products and services; oversees projects; and helps to shape processes for U.S. companies seeking entry to worldwide markets. With 14,500 employees, TÜV Rheinland maintains a presence in approximately 500 locations in 62 countries. In addition, it encompasses an international network of approved labs, testing facilities and education centers, and its experts train people across a wide range of industries. For more information, visit