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Automation & Digitization: New project successfully developed in Italy

11.09.2020Pogliano Milanese (MI)

Within the Au&Di (Automation & Digitization) project, the TÜV Rheinland's Business Field P.05 (medical sector), in close cooperation with Central Lab and IT team, has successfully set up a B2B LAN for the real-time transmission of the data relating to the checks, from the TÜV Rheinland Italia laboratory to the customer's server.

This project is part of the Strategy 2022+ and shall help to improve the work, reduce lead times and improve the output in our laboratories by Automation & Digitalization.

Sometimes customers have special requirements for the testing of their products, and more and more frequently these requests concern particular measurement set-ups. In these situations, TÜV Rheinland's response must be quick and precise. This happened with special projects, which required particular support for specific checks on medical equipment, carried out at our laboratory in Pogliano Milanese (MI), Italy. For the tests required, and for the particular type of products involved, it was necessary to connect, in an efficient and continuous way, specific instrumentation to a server at the customer's site, designed to quickly collect, archive and analyze a large quantity of data.

In order to protect both our customers’ data as well as our corporate network, it was necessary to establish a completely separated, dedicated and isolated network between the TÜV Rheinland laboratory in Pogliano Milanese and the customer's headquarters. The successful establishment of the network connection was a fundamental condition for the success of the project and for optimizing time and resources for checks. As Business Stream Products is currently running Laboratory Automation & Digitalization Program as an integral part of the development strategy for TÜV Rheinland Group's laboratories, we had a good basic know-how from which to develop the work. After having defined, evaluated and aligned all the specifications (internal and external), the IT Department was able to develop the project. The hardware was shipped from the headquarters in Cologne to the laboratory of TÜV Rheinland Italia, dedicated connections were established and the firewall was configured in close cooperation with the customer. With the contribution of the IT team, the Medical Business Field, the customer and the central laboratory, the connection was established, with a so-called Virtual Private Network in IPSec standard, connecting the customer's local area network directly to the test equipment.

In order to sustainably make use out of this project and resulting experience, the project itself has been documented and will be used as a model for future demands of our clients. The creation of a secure B2B (Business to Business LAN) network from a customer to TÜV Rheinland can now be considered as a standard IT service. All this can be of help in the future, to carry out similar projects.

The fruitful collaboration of all colleagues from IT in Cologne and Italy, of our colleagues from the laboratory and from the medical Business Field made this project possible, even in a difficult situation like the one we are experiencing.