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AUO, Acer and BenQ Join Forces to Secure TÜV Rheinland Certifications for a Reflection-Free World


Ambient light has a significant effect on reading comfort when the human eye is looking at a screen. Many people have trouble reading from a screen unless ambient light is lowered. Screen reflections from excessive ambient light are distracting and generate visual interference. The Advanced Reflectionless Technology (A.R.T.) display panel developed by AUO features a unique surface coating that ensures screen clarity and eye comfort under different types of ambient lighting, and AUO obtained the very first reflection-free international certification from TÜV Rheinland. The anti-glare and anti-reflection technology has been adopted by Acer and BenQ for desktop displays. These displays have also passed TÜV Rheinland testing to receive reflection-free display certification. Double certification of the panels and end products ensure user eye safety and comfort. High clarity and readability are maintained even in bright ambient light.

TÜV Rheinland developed its own reflection-free standard as there is no unified industry standard or metrics on reflection management for display monitors. The standard sets strict ambient lighting conditions for indoor display products. The general anti-reflection performance of display products is defined in three dimensions (screen surface treatment, bright indoor contrast, interference and reflections) to create a cutting-edge assessment standard for the display industry. Products that comply with the standard ensure that consumers are not affected by ambient light in classic indoor environments.

A.R.T. has been positively received by customers since it was first unveiled by AUO at SID in the U.S. in 2019. James Chen, AUO Senior Vice President of Display Strategy Business Group, says: "AUO refined the technology and applied it to desktop monitors and televisions of all sizes in response to consumer market demand. We then partnered with Acer, BenQ, and others to release products built to strict safety standards and international specifications in order to provide people that use screens for extended periods of time with a brighter, more vivid, comfortable, and safe visual experience." AUO plans to roll out A.R.T. with more application products such as offices, watching TV, and e-sports. The key features of eye-care products include high brightness, eye comfort, and high saturation. These effectively eliminate interference and fatigue caused by reflections and glare.

According to Jennifer Wang, Managing Director of TÜV Rheinland Taiwan, screen reflections from ambient lighting can interfere with reading. That's why TÜV Rheinland developed a market-leading reflection-free certification that looks at how ambient light sources reflect off the screen. By ensuring that the screen remains readable in the office, at a cafe, etc., users enjoy greater freedom of movement while balancing their work and recreation.

The digital age means many people now work in front of computer screens. Good environmental lighting gives a great boost to concentration and productivity. Acer and BenQ desktop monitors were among the first to make use of A.R.T. technology and have achieved certification in order to provide consumers with safer and eye-care display products.

The six latest AUO products to pass reflection-free display certification include 27", 32", and 65" display and TV panels that have now been introduced for end-consumer products. The first certified products to be released include Acer's Predator XB232 RV 32" 4K e-sports display, as well as the BenQ SW321C 4K color calibrated display for professional photography. Other brands and applications will be progressively released in the future.

Make a reservation to download the White Paper on Ambient Light for Display Devices: https://jinshuju.net/f/cT5a3P