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PN-EN 15593 – Certification of Food Packaging Production

PN-EN 15593 – Certification of Food Packaging Production

PN-EN 15593 – Certification of Food Packaging Production

PN-EN 15593:2010 standard concerns hygiene management in the area of packaging production. The objective of PN-EN 15593:2010 is to support the packaging industry with respect to good hygienic practice assurance and management.

PN-EN 15593:2010 standard is based on the principles of analyzing risks and risk assessment. It makes reference to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 systems.

PN-EN 15593:2010 standard can be used independently of other system management standards. Its implementation may also entail equalization or integration of requirements of existing management systems, such as ISO 9001 or ISO 22000.

Certification of Food Package Production – Benefits from Certification for Compliance with PN-EN 15593:2010 Standard

Benefits resulting from certification of food packaging production for compliance with the PN-EN 15593:2010 standard:

  • Confirmation of a provider's ability to identify and control product-connected hygienic risks.
  • High safety assurance of packaging/products intended for contact with food.
  • Minimization of risk in the production process.
  • Reduction of production costs.
  • Facilitation of established trade contacts- fulfilling requirements of food producers concerning. hygiene and safety of packaging.
  • Increased competitiveness.
  • Professional evaluation of hygiene management systems.

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How to Obtain a PN-EN 15593:2010 Certificate

1. First, plan and implement a management system compliant to the standard.

2. Next, approach an independent certifying body.

3. Conduct the certification process – which consists of having an audit carried out by an auditor of the certifying body in the registered office of the client premises. Duration of the audit is dependent on the size of the company as defined by the number of employees, number of product groups and manufacturing lines.

4. If any nonconformity is found, dates for the applicant to perform corrective actions and provide appropriate evidence are decided upon together with the auditor.

5. Based on documentation from the audit, the certifying body makes a decision on whether to issue the PN-EN 15593:2010 Certificate.

The PN-EN 15593:2010 Certificate is issued for the period of 3 years. During this period, it is necessary to conduct annual audits as a supervisory measure. After this time, in order to prolong validity of the certificate, another certification for compliance with the PN-EN 15593:2010 standard needs to be conducted.

Certification of food package production according to PN-EN 15593: 2010 standard is not subject to accreditation.

Certification of Food Packaging Production - To Whom Does PN-EN 15593:2010 Apply?

  • Enterprises producing and supplying packaging for food: direct, collective, transportation, storage packaging
  • Manufacturers of other commodities and goods which come into contact with food products
  • Producers of packaging for products other than food products

PN-EN 15593:2010 Standard Defines Requirements in the Following Areas

  • Analysis of risk and risk assessment
  • Sources of contamination: physical, chemical and biological
  • Infrastructure standards
  • Requirements with respect to personnel
  • Hygiene management system, concerning responsibilities of the managing board, supervision of documents, internal audits, claim and nonconformity procedures, ensuring traceability, product monitoring and appropriate human resources

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