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IT Product Testing

Information technology products – TÜV Rheinland

State-of-the-art IT technologies require new safety standards. From 20.12.2020, all AV-IT products must be in conformity with the new standard IEC 62368-1.

Already today we help and support you with the conversion of the new security standard for IT products.

For all suppliers and manufacturers of devices in information and communication technology is the changeover of the two previous safety standards IEC/EN 60065 and IEC/EN 60950-1 into the new standard IEC/EN 62368-1, a special content-related and time challenge.

TÜV Rheinland offers you help at an early stage, tests and certification of your AV-IT products to IEC/EN 62368-1. Secure yourself thus a decisive advantage in the market positioning and acceptance of your products!

Documenting quality and innovation with our testing services for information technology products

Thanks to constant technological progress, consumers now expect high-quality development and manufacturing of innovative products. Our test mark shows your customers that your IT products meet these expectations.

We test your IT products for security, quality, user-friendliness, network access and environmental behavior. Our experts offer comprehensive support: upon request, we will accompany your entire production process, from product development to individual product testing with optional quality certification and even export to international markets. In addition, our experts can prepare you for the switch to the new IEC/EN 62368 safety standard.

Document the high quality of your innovative IT and telecommunication products through testing and certification. We are a competent and flexible partner who can conduct all necessary tests and help with international product approval.

Learn more about our testing services for IT products. Contact our experts today!

International competitive advantage thanks to neutral testing for your IT products

Use our globally recognized test mark to secure the trust of your customers and business partners. Not only does it document compliance with legal regulations, it also communicates the high level of quality of your innovative products as well as responsible environmental behavior. Our experts will accompany you from the development phase onwards, which prevents additional costs and unwanted delays. Benefit from our extensive experience and short testing times.

We can also help you to gain access to international markets with international product certification and registration.

Our services for your IT products

Testing and certification services for IT products – TÜV Rheinland
Our services for testing and certification of your IT products

Multiple services from a single source. We test and certify your IT products for the following, among other things:

  • Electrical safety
  • Electromagnetic compatibility - LV (EMC)
  • Quality, performance, robustness, user-friendliness, usability, energy efficiency, - LV ergonomics, ErP and software usability
  • Testing for compatibility and ease of integration of home automation networks (as per KNX, IP500, ZigBee and other wireless technologies)
  • Pollutant tests ( REACH - LV / RoHS - LV / Product Safety Commission)
  • Suitability for recycling
  • Interface tests and network access parameters
  • Environmental behavior in humidity, heat, UV light or under heavy load
  • Wireless testing
  • Performance characteristics of ink cartridges (PDF) as per DIN 33871 and ISO/IEC 24711
  • Performance characteristics of toner cartridges (PDF) as per DIN 33870-1, DIN 33870-2, ISO/IEC 19752, ISO/IEC 19798

In addition, we offer you the following services:

  • Conformity assessment: - LV
    Product testing in line with the applicable standards and directives
  • In-process inspection during development:
    Support during and after the development phase; overview of relevant standards; prevention of manufacturing errors and unwanted delays
  • Production monitoring and goods inspection:
    Performance of inspection measures to maintain the existing certificate and determine whether the products still correspond to the certified product sample
  • Testing and inspection in line with standard IEC 62368-1:
    Information on the new standard (PDF) for IT and telecommunication products; testing and certification according to the new standard
  • Export assistance:
    Support for international market access through product certification and registration for North America, China, Saudi Arabia and other countries

We test many products, including:

  • Displays (screens, projectors)
  • Office devices (printers, copiers, scanning systems, ink cartridges)
  • Digital and mobile end devices (smartphones, tablets, notebooks, digital cameras, VR eyewear)
  • Satellite technology products (GPS navigation devices, SAT receivers)
  • Systems (IT access systems, telecommunication systems, camera monitor systems, Entertainment systems)
  • Others (peripherals, interfaces, software)

Your partner for product certification of your information technology

We are a reliable and flexible partner with extensive experience. You will benefit from our quick testing times and receive an internationally recognized test mark. We also have a worldwide network of experts and can offer competent advice on launching your IT products on international markets.

Your test mark will have an individual ID that makes it unique and is documented in our Certipedia certificate database. This will strengthen the trust of your customers and business partners.

Contact our experts for more information on our IT product tests and certifications!

Frequently asked questions about IT product testing

You would like to learn more about IT product testing? You will find answers to the most important questions below.

1. What do IT product inspections involve?
As well as the usual individual product tests (e.g. electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility , quality, pollutant tests and interface tests) we offer individual services, including in-process inspections during development, testing and training for the new standard IEC/EN 62368, production monitoring, goods inspection and conformity assessments.

2. What are the advantages of testing IT and telecommunication devices?
Our globally recognized and neutral test mark ensures the trust of your customers and business partners. At the same time, it allows you to document your compliance with legal regulations and the high-quality standard of your IT products. It also helps you prevent additional expenses and unwanted delays and to gain access to international markets more quickly. And with the help of our experts you will be excellently prepared for the switch to the new standard IEC/EN 62368.

3. What does the introduction of the new standard IEC/EN 62368 mean?
As well as a new structure, the new safety standard involves a new approach to safety. In order to ensure that devices are designed safely, IEC/EN 62368 focuses on the risks that could be posed by potential energy sources. For this reason, it defines and classifies sources of danger and energy sources and specifies hazard limits.

4. Why is this new safety standard necessary?
EU directives (LVD and RED) and the German product safety legislation (ProdSG) specify that electrical products must meet high safety standards before they are put on the market. These requirements have been specified in standard IEC/EN 62368.

5. When will the new IEC/EN 62368 standard replace the existing safety standards?
The standard IEC/EN 62368 will replace the existing safety standards EN 60950 (IT products) and EN 60065 (audio/video products) in December 2020.

6. Why should I switch to the new standard for IT products at an earlier stage?
The special requirements and safety specifications for IT products as specified in the new standard require extensive expertise and also need to be considered and implemented early on in the product life cycle. So, it makes sense for you as a manufacturer of IT products to consider this new standard early on in your development phase. Take early advantage of our experts' technical expertise. We can provide inspections in line with IEC/EN 62368 today and provide an overview of the limits you need to observe as well as any other relevant inspection specifications.

7. Which services from TÜV Rheinland can help with this switch?
We offer the following services to prepare you for the introduction of IEC/EN 62368:

  • Workshops and in-house training
  • Inspections during the development phase
  • Safety inspections and certifications
  • Certification according to UL/IEC 62368
  • Certification according to CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1-14

Do you have more questions? Contact one of our experts for IT products now.


pdf FAQ – IT product testing 275 KB Download
pdf Flyer – Electrical Consumables: Ink Cartridges 469 KB Download
pdf Flyer – Electrical Consumables: Toner Cartidges 458 KB Download

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