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TVET: We Set the Course for the Future with You for the Modern Society of Today and Tomorrow.

Never has knowledge progressed, or become obsolete, so quickly. This applies to industrialized nations as well as developing ones, for which the revision of training content represents a still greater challenge because the learning content imparted could be long out of date. Closing the gap between the practical skills available and those required in the workplace has never been more difficult for the private and public sector, but modern learning media offer many more advantages for communicating material visually and reducing the physical distance from knowledge.

From our experience, the challenges facing professional training and continuing education are as follows:

  • Keeping training content up to date to ensure that it caters to the current requirements of the industry.
  • Ensuring that equipment in facilities for vocational training or universities is suitable for delivering newer, more modern training content.
  • Upskilling teaching staff in the area of vocational training to breach the gap between industry requirements.

All of these are tasks that can be mastered in collaboration with TÜV Rheinland as a global training provider. Government, industry, and schools can rely on our training programs, which are designed by us, and the training centers that we operate to impart up-to-the-minute sector specific knowledge. We also support private enterprise and government with practical expertise and implementation competence. A combination that is otherwise hard to find. Moreover, we offer many years of local business experience and a global presence, meaning that we are there for you wherever you are in the world.

What you can expect in the area of TVET Consulting:

  • The design and implementation of training programs
  • The new development or revision of available curricula.
  • The review of training materials that are already available as well as the development of newer training materials.
  • Support during the planning and acquisition of training hardware and industry components and for associated instructor qualification.
  • Planning and setting up entire training centers, starting from training hardware to the definition of new training programs.

With our globally recognized German training experience and competence, we support you in modernizing your training facility, keeping it up to date at all times and making it attractive both to companies and participants. What are you waiting for?

Planning and verification of training material and hardware

The success of a technical curriculum depends to a large degree on the availability of suitable training materials and workshops. Training hardware and a suitable training environment are particularly essential components for developing practical, technical skills. This is especially true if there is little in-house training provision.

If the equipment of training and educational institutions is obsolete or essential devices are not available, experience shows that training and education become only theoretical exercises, and thus an important element of training for use in a future professional environment is absent.

The required type and scope of the training hardware result from the learning objectives, the education and training materials, the training and teaching methods as well as the organization of the training process.

We advise training facilities, schools and companies in how to modernize their training infrastructure.

By defining the equipment actually required, we particularly consider the needs of the local labor market today and in the future. In addition to technical equipment, we offer a range of practical applications in combination with E-Learning and virtual learning spaces, which impart the technical material in a way that is adaptable and appealing.

Factors for planning the training infrastructure in one training center at a glance

Design of training programs

Emerging markets have a growing need for skilled personnel. Technological and economic change place demands on the proper operation of equipment, machines, and means of transportation, their proper maintenance and inspection as well as the control and analysis of processes and infrastructures. At the same time, the safety of people and technology should be ensured to not jeopardize trust in innovations. This requires a very special technological know-how and above all the capacity to practically apply knowledge.

TÜV Rheinland is an internationally leading testing and certification body and at the same time one of the leading providers of training for technical vocations. From this exceptional combination, we develop training programs that approximate modern industrial requirements and certification programs and are recognized across sectors.

Our solutions reflect a true depth of understanding of the needs of diverse sectors and customers around the entire world. The close integration with industry reflects our curricula’s practical relevance and up-to-date content, which is based on the German framework curricula and corresponds to current technological advances.


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