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TVET is technical competence development 'Made in Germany' based on Germany's dual training system: TÜV Rheinland Academy

Our TVET Services: Qualifying People, Strengthening the Economy, Creating Prospects for All

A solid technical education is the key for sustained economic development. The nature and depth of the qualification play a decisive role in determining whether one is successful in entering the working world and earning a living. Improving initial vocational training is, at the same time, a decisive factor in determining whether a company, region, or society as a whole can keep the pathway to the future open.

TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) lays the foundation for reaching this goal. With our experience and extensive expertise in implementation, we support governments and private enterprises at numerous locations worldwide.

Our services in the area of TVET and employee development:

“For more than 40 years, TÜV Rheinland has been providing training in careers with a future. This is naturally in line with Germany's dual vocational and educational training system; not only because it is stipulated by German law, but also because we are convinced that theory and practice must go hand in hand in technical and commercial careers. The results speak for themselves: Our apprentices achieve top training results and exceptional retention rates in their first role – often worldwide. We have therefore given many young people the perfect start to an independent life.”

Markus Dohm, Executive Vice President TÜV Rheinland Academy & Life Care

Investment in technical and commercial education produces the greatest returns in a variety of ways:

  • Securing livelihoods: Well-trained young people find more employment opportunities wherever they are based.
  • Driving growth: Companies can access qualified personnel to boost production and offer improved services.
  • Reducing costs: Experience shows that hiring qualified local personnel is significantly more cost effective than international recruitment.
  • Securing the future: By training young people and promoting continuing professional development, companies and institutions can safeguard their market position, engage skilled personnel, and nurture talent.

This is where TÜV Rheinland Academy comes in: We supply the public and private sector with services and solutions to help them deliver leading edge and attractive technical and commercial education.

Typical challenges for companies and institutions

Global companies offer the same products to many locations around the globe, meaning that the requirements for technical personnel in deploying and maintaining these products are the same worldwide. From a local standpoint, whilst qualification profiles may sound the same, skill requirements differ. Skill levels have to be adapted to the actual requirements and aligned across the organization. How can this be achieved in an economically viable and measurable way?

In many countries, professions are learnt in purely academic training centers, meaning that the practical application of that can be lacking. At the same time, trainers frequently point to insufficient interaction with industry. Training content can become obsolete; new technologies fail to make it to the curriculum. These are typical constellations for which we develop suitable solutions.

Establishing and enhancing technical competence

We are aware of these challenges. We offer solutions that support companies, governments as well as individuals by establishing and enhancing technical competence.

Advantages for companies and institutions

By consulting, training, and ensuring quality:

  • We support the industry by providing skilled personnel with guaranteed expertise and training based on needs of the respective region.
  • We increase the practical technical competence of organizations.
  • We strengthen the attractiveness of the business location and entire regions through targeted and hands-on training and continuing education based on the needs of the sector.
  • We safeguard the employability of individuals by strengthening their individual technical skills in theory and practice.
  • We offer a professional environment in which learning is fun (again).

Our portfolio offers a wide variety of topics and methods. We cover the entire learning supply chain involving technical careers: from consulting around setting up and equipping training centers, modernizing curricula, training center operations, transferring technical knowledge in the form of face-to-face training and digital learning – right to the assessment and certification of the acquired skills and knowledge.

The competitive advantage of a country is fueled by the ability to train the younger generation for employment.

Markus Dohm, Executive Vice President TÜV Rheinland Academy & Life Care

TVET “Made in Germany”

As one of the global leaders for technical vocational training with German roots, we are committed to the value of the dual education system. For decades, we have been successfully operating the model of dual training "Made in Germany" with the implementation of technical-commercial programs for industry and sustainable employment.

By improving the theoretical and practical qualification of technical professionals, we strengthen a modern knowledge culture that drives future structural opportunities for companies, regions and societies.

Take advantage of our strengths: higher technical competence, extensive local experience, customized solutions, close proximity to industry, and a strong international network.

When do you need us?


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TVET – Consulting

TVET – Consulting

Planning is part of success. We set the course for the future with you: from the design of the training centers to defining the curricula and developing training material.

TVET – Implementation and Operations

TVET – Implementation and Operations

Nothing can replace experience. We assist in the practical implementation of training programs or the daily operation of training centers. Use our field-tested TVET solutions around the world for government or corporate needs.

TVET – Quality Assurance

TVET – Quality Assurance

Because quality is the basis for trust, we have made quality in training measurable. Put us to the test.

The systematic development of dual vocational training in Germany.

When can we work for you?

We can offer consultation at no charge.

We can offer consultation at no charge.