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Our battery test for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles precisely calculates battery capacities in used vehicles

Our battery test for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles provides car dealerships, used car dealers, fleet operators as well as buyers the certainty they need when valuing electric vehicles. In cooperation with our partner companies, we have developed a system of independent analysis to accurately report the current performance and residual capacity of batteries which provides the precision information needed to determine the actual residual values of used electric vehicles.

The major factor making it difficult to determine the residual values of used electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles is the battery. This means uncertainty. Batteries account for up to 50 percent of a vehicle’s value so knowing its condition is vital to determining the actual residual value of a used electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid. Battery aging processes can lead to a reduced range and/or weaker performance along with longer charging times. A used electric vehicle’s age and mileage are insufficient to assess the actual performance of the battery and its remaining service life. Battery condition instead depends on many factors such as the type and number of charging cycles, the currents used, charging times, state of charge when not in use, as well as usage profiles and individual driving styles.

The used vehicle market has until now lacked a reliable and clearly understandable battery test for used battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Independent vehicle valuers have therefore been generally using statistical methods to determine residual values. Such methods are based on the battery’s worst possible condition. As a result, estimated residual valuations of used electric vehicles or plug-in hybrids may often be lower than the vehicle’s actual worth, i.e. when the battery is in a better condition than its assumed "worst case scenario". A fact-based calculation of the residual capacities of used electric vehicles is now possible due to our innovative new method of analyzing batteries in electric vehicles and plug in hybrids.

Our battery test for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles enables reliable used car valuations

Our battery test is an independent assessment of a battery’s condition and is precise and easily to understand. Experts read out the required battery data via a vehicle interface and analyze it using special algorithms. With this data, they calculate usable residual capacities. This forms the basis of calculating the exact residual value of a battery which directly impacts the value of a used electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid. A full used vehicle valuation is also possible on the premises when required.

Our test method also enables continuous monitoring of a vehicle’s battery to predict its service life . Such monitoring is particularly useful for fleet operators. Continuous battery monitoring can provide practical information, e.g. how to extend the service life of a battery by applying specific measures. Fleet managers can then benefit from high cost efficiency while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Our battery test for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles is fast, easy, and efficient. To learn more about digital twins and smart charging management our experts will be happy to advise and assist you – locally in your region!