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Restart safely with TÜV Rheinland. Your partner during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

For months now, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented disruptions around the world, affecting every sector. Companies have been forced to respond and adjust, sometimes in unfamiliar and unexpected ways. It appears that some of the changes that have been introduced will become “the new normal” as we continue to fight the spread of the virus in the near and long term.

We are at your side in your efforts to address the challenges posed by COVID-19, whether you are restarting operations, slowly revive economic activity without exposing workers to health risks stemming from the coronavirus or coping with economic fallout. We share our expertise by providing guidance for companies reopening their businesses after lockdown and clarifying questions of compliance with new labor protection regulations.

Together, we’ll get back to business safely and successfully.

Ask the experts

Ask the experts

Our experts give many insights into the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and our solutions to support your business.

For your business

Certificate for the Hospitality Industry

Reassure guests and employees in the hospitality industry with our hygiene and Infection-protection management certification.

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Back to Business

Our experts have developed a checklist audit to help you reduce the risk of infection and fulfil expectations as you restart operations.

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Back to work

TÜV Rheinland support you when dealing with new labor protection regulations.

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Remote auditing and certification

Remote audits offer a flexible alternative to traditional audit methods. Our remote audits offer the same level of quality you’ve come to expect from TUV Rheinland. We are committed to being a strong and reliable partner.

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Business Continuity Management

TÜV Rheinland is an experienced partner if you want to resume productive operations after a crisis.

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Virtual Solution

Virtual assessment, inspections, and audits. Get the needed support at any time at any place for your supply chain inspection.

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For personal protection and health care

Some companies have contributed by ramping up production of urgently needed products, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Medical Devices. Our experts are committed to supporting these efforts to make life-saving items available where they are needed. We can expedite and supervise your market launch for pandemic-related products or enhance their appeal through independent testing and certification.

Testing and Certification of FFP Masks (PPE Masks)

Product testing of FFP masks: with the type examination certificate to CE marking.

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Community Masks product testing

Many companies started with the production of Community Masks. We support you for a quick and easy market launch.

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Medical Masks product testing and certification

With a global network of experts and laboratories, we offer the complete suite of tests for Medical

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Medical Products

As a notified body, we provide reliable expert testings for medical products during the corona virus pandemic.

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Face Shields

TÜV Rheinland offers expediting testings of Face Shields during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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For Food, Hygiene and Cleanness

In the course of the COVID-19 pandemic manufacturers, distributors and end-users are all becoming even more sensitive to food quality and compliance with applicable hygiene standards and regulations. Our experts audit and certify businesses on the process of meeting the hygiene standards for their production, processes, systems and work environments. By responding to your customers’ needs for quality you will ultimately increase their trust in your products or services.

Food Hygiene and Cleanness

Rely on our comprehensive audit solutions to meet the food hygiene standards for your production, processes, systems and work environments.

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Services for Food Safety

We are experienced and recognized as trusted partner in terms of audits and certification services to companies involved in all stages of the food supply chain.

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Securing today, safer tomorrow.

Securing today, safer tomorrow.

Get in touch with our experts and be informed about our full service portfolio related to the COVID-19 pandemic.