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Smart vehicles’ data require reliable protection. As a renowned data trustee we create maximum trust.

Protecting and securing vehicle data

Trust is the key to the future

Our Trusted Data Centers safeguard the interests of all parties involved

Data from modern vehicles can bring many benefits, such as new business models, improved vehicle safety and findings to improve future vehicles. The success of such data-based models however depends on whether drivers have trust in data security and in sharing their data. To create such trust and enable new business opportunities for all parties, we as an independent data trustee have developed the Trusted Data Center.

More and more data are being generated by digitalization and networking, the Internet of Things and automated driving assist systems. More services can evolve from this data, such as pay-as-you-drive models or continuous monitoring of a vehicle's condition. Furthermore, instant responses will be possible for many issues, like: Have manufacturers’ "over-the-air" updates been successful? Have any hacker attacks taken place? Are there any defects in the electrical systems? This opens up a wide range of opportunities and benefits.

At the same time there is also a need to protect the interests of all parties involved. Data must be safe and secure and used only with the documented and explicit consent of the owner. Studies have shown that car owners are all the more open to data-based business models when data is handled by a neutral third party. To enable business models to be accepted and successful for all parties involved – OEMs, workshops, fleet operators and drivers – we have developed the concept of the Trusted Data Center.

Data generated by a vehicle are forwarded to a Trust Center where any privacy references and consent to utilize the data are assessed. Only then are the data forwarded to the approved service. The data owner therefore always has a clear overview of the approvals given.

Acknowledged independent party

We have 150 years of experience of making technological innovations safe and secure for people and the environment. This qualifies us excellently as data trustees. Matthias Schubert is responsible for the Mobility business at TÜV Rheinland: "Acting as data trustees is in our DNA. The Trusted Data approach is the next logical step going into the digital era. An excellent area of application is, for example, fleet management. For fleet operators, we can eliminate any concern they might have about using data in accordance to GDPR requirements thereby paving the way for greater efficiency".

Data service for vehicle fleets

Trusted Data Centers are already being applied in two specific cases. For example, we have been working with a partner to develop a data trustee platform for fleets, which will soon be available on the market.

GDPR compliant

The platform harmonizes different data formats from respective OEMs. Our Trusted Data Center then ensures GDPR-compliant data processing for the fleet operator. In a second step, we or our partners can utilize this data to offer services for the fleet operator, e.g. automated claims management, risk assessments, driver training and the monitoring and optimization of the condition of traction batteries.

Digital vehicle check

One of our ongoing research projects addresses vehicle safety and environmental protection. Sixty vehicles from various manufacturers are being inspected over a period of six months for safety and environmental faults. To enable this, the vehicles have been fitted with telematic systems.

Increasing the number of randomly selected vehicles will enable better insights to be gained into the condition of the German vehicle fleet. The technology could also be used to enable continuous digital vehicle checks.