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Overview of our services

Our Services for Your Machine Safety

Our specialists can provide you with competent support in all matters relating to the safety of machinery and equipment. We offer numerous services:

Support with the design process

  • Identification of legal and normative requirements
  • Analysis of the design documents
  • Preliminary review of the documents
  • Review of risk analyses

Support with prototypes

  • Testing of the machine according to legal and normative requirements
  • Coverage of global markets
  • Functional safety assessment
  • Evaluation of EMC, EMF, RED etc.

Declaration of conformity for interlinked systems

  • On-site inspection of the machines by our local inspectors
  • Evaluation of interlinked and modified systems
  • Safety inspection of purchased equipment in accordance with legal requirements

Risk assessment according to BetrSichV

  • Performance of risk assessment
  • Systematic assessment of all hazards when using the work equipment
  • Assessment of modified work equipment
  • Identification of the necessary inspections
  • Definition of inspection intervals
  • Information on the selection of persons qualified to carry out the inspections
  • Safety-related support with the procurement of work equipment
  • Periodic review of the risk assessment
  • Effectiveness verification after implementation of safety measures

Suggestions for necessary safety measures

  • Identification of suitable safety measures
  • Prioritization of measures
  • Identification of emergency procedures (first aid and rescue)
  • Preparation of operating instructions

Professional development and training of technical personnel

  • Seminars and training courses on machine and operational safety
  • Creation of a company-specific checklist
  • Support with annual instruction for the machine and system operators


Benefit from an optimal machine safety!

Benefit from an optimal machine safety!