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Project Name
Automatic People Mover (APM) for Munich Airport, Bavaria
Project Type
RailCar Inspection
Munich Airport Construction "
$585 000
July 2015 - December 2016

The Munich Airport Construction Company Ltd. (FMBau) works for a Bauherrengemeinschaft at Munich Airport as part of the project Geschäftsbesorgerin satellite. The business purpose is to cost, schedule and functionally appropriate procurement planning and implementation of construction of the eastern apron area of Munich airport for Terminal 2 Operating Company (T2BG).

FMBau has contracted with Bombardier Transportation, USA (BT) for the manufacturing and delivery of 12 automated people mover (APM) cars for use in an automated driverless PTS for the planned expansion of Terminal 2 at the Munich Airport, which began in 2012 and will proceed through 2015. The APM cars are propelled via rubber tires, powered by an electrified “third-rail” system integral to the fixed guideway. FMBau has contracted with TÜV/RSC for performance of on-site quality inspections and test witnessing to assure delivery of APM cars that meet a host of specific and measurable quality standards.

Important Details:

  • Fixed guideway, operating in tunnel;
  • Coupled trains of up to six cars;
  • Rubber tires, steerable axles and center guidance;
  • AC traction motors and advanced inverter controls;
  • Operating speeds up to 80 km/h;
  • Connecting Terminal 2 to Terminal Expansion;
  • Automatic Train Control (ATC) integral.

The overall Task for TÜV/RSC is to inspect and witness such that BT compliance and/or delivery according to good manufacturing practices, as well as proper quality and contractual obligations and agreements is assured. In summary:

1. Witness and Assess Factory Quality via Inspections During Manufacturing;

2. Witness and Assess Factory Quality via Inspections and Functional Testing at Pre-Delivery;

3. Develop and Deliver a Final Inspection Summary Report; and,

Develop and Issue, in association with FMBau and BT, a Leistungsfeststellung (Performance Appraisal), which includes the Final Inspection Summary Report, and summarizes the overall quality of each vehicle.