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Assessment for Aero-elastic Composite Rotor Blade

In July 2015, the Dutch rotor blade design consultant WE4CE B.V. created a new aero-elastic rotor blade. The client then turned to TÜV Rheinland to inspect the blade root connection assembly and lightning protection system as well as assess and certify the rotor blade design.

Basic Facts
Client: Rotor blade design consultancy WE4CE B.V.
Timeframe: July-August 2015
Project Location: The Netherlands
Main services:• Rotor blade design assessment and certification
• Safety testing
Involved regulations/standards:Directive GL 2010

Initial situation and requirements

Having developed an aero-elastic composite rotor blade for its wind turbines, WE4CE B.V. collaborated with TÜV Rheinland for the design assessment and certification of this specific component in accordance with the GL 2010 directive. Compliance with GL requires design assessment, implementation of design requirements in production and erection, evaluation of quality management and prototype testing.

Solutions, results

TÜV Rheinland assessed and certified the rotor blade design enabling WE4CE B.V. to fulfill the necessary conditions and requirements for such wind turbine components demanded in the global wind industry. For this project, two wind energy experts carried out an assessment of the rotor blades according to submitted documentation. Furthermore, safety tests based on the latest calculation processes and according to GL 2010 were conducted on the static loadings. The work scope included the design assessment of the rotor blade root connection assembly and lightning protection system as well as the final design certification.

Because of the specific design and the very tight safety margin dictated by WE4CE B.V., TÜV Rheinland experts implemented alternative and more precise testing methods in accordance with certification requirements for the design verification. In addition, effective project and time management led to successful completion before the scheduled project deadline.

Benefits for the client

TÜV Rheinland supported the Dutch WE4CE B.V. rotor blade design consultancy with:

• Dedicated and experienced experts for rotor blade design evaluation.

• Extensive experience in the verification of static and dynamic calculations.

• Effective and fast project management.

• Compliance to the demands and requirements of rotor blades in the global wind business.

Did you know?

Due to their durable and lightweight properties, high-strength materials such as glass fiber- and carbon fiber- reinforced plastics are expected to replace conventional resins and composites in rotor blade products.

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