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More Energy Efficiency in Paper Production

KANZAN is a leading European supplier of thermal paper and other special products, in particular inkjet paper. As a paper manufacturer, KANZAN belongs to one of the most energy-intensive industrial concerns. That’s why economical use of energy - L0 as well as energy procurement on competitive terms are significant prerequisites for the economic success of the company. In addition, KANZAN is committed to maintaining the natural environment and the principles of sustainable trade. These were the reasons behind the company’s decision to introduce an energy management system in accordance with DIN EN 16001.

Basic Facts
The challenge:• Optimizing energy consumption
• Decreasing energy costs - L0
• Implementation of in-house environmental protection awareness
The service:Certification in accordance with DIN EN 16001 and ISO 50001
The benefits: • Taking advantage of the hardship or compensation regulation in accordance with § 41 EEG 2009
• Identification and increasing energy and cost saving potentials

KANZAN established these standards in a short period of time and shortly thereafter also had their management system certified in accordance with ISO 50001. Thanks to the certifications and the series of measures drawn up, KANZAN was able to successfully implement its ambitious energy savings goals. Alongside the continuous improvement to the energy accounts, these measures mean the company is making a contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions - L0 . At the same time, certification is a prerequisite for allowing KANZAN to take advantage of the hardship or compensation scheme, pursuant to § 41 EEG 2009. The implementation and certification of the energy management system was carried out within a very demanding time period.

“We were happy we could take advantage of the optional pre-audit by TÜV Rheinland, to ensure that we had steered the overall project in the right direction. At the same time, the pre-audit provided us with the confidence that the terminology is uniform and that we correctly laid out and implemented the requirements of the standard”, explains Volker Krug, energy management officer at KANZAN. During the selection of the certification partner, it was decided to use TÜV Rheinland as they were one of the first companies to be awarded the respective certification accreditation. “Furthermore we have also worked successfully with TÜV Rheinland in the past and the work was carried out both constructively and professionally this time as well,” was the opinion at KANZAN.

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