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Cybersecurity Trends 2020

Cybersecurity Trends 2020

New thinking on cybersecurity and privacy in a world where digital transformation beckons - summarized in our Cybersecurity Trends 2020

Smart devices are being used more and more in private households, making them an increasingly attractive target for cyber attacks why they need to be protected.

A digitized society is constantly generating personal data - their secure storage is necessary to maintain trust in digital solutions.

Future technologies in the logistics sector, in the automotive industry but also in healtcare, require sustainable protection mechanisms - this is the only way to prevent cyber attacks.

In the Cybersecurity Trends 2020, we pick up on seven trends that will have a lasting impact on the future of the digital society.

TÜV Rheinland is convinced that existing and future problems and challenges in cybersecurity and data protection can be mastered - even if they sometimes seem overwhelming. This requires the will to invest in the much-needed expertise. We support our customers on this path so that we can make significant progress together.

The following trends have been identified from the forecasts of our cybersecurity experts:



A report by the cybersecurity experts at TÜV Rheinland

The challenges can sometimes look overwhelming but what matters far more is our ability to evolve to face the problems head on. At TÜV Rheinland, we firmly believe that with a long-term willingness to invest in expertise, and a commitment to work hard, progress will be made.

The following trends have been identified from our cybersecurity experts’ forecasts:

Trend 1:
The unregulated mining of personal data risks destabilizing digital society

Trend 2:
Smart supply chains will be targeted by hackers, rendering them ‘dumb’

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Trend 3:
‘Smart’ consumer devices are multiplying faster than they can be secured

Trend 4:
Threats to the Shipping Industry have moved from theory to reality

Trend 5:
Real-time operating systems ‘superflaws’ risk creating a post-patching era

Trend 6:
‘Bring Your Own Medical Device’ is an Internet health crisis in the making

Trend 7:
Vehicles and transport infrastructure are a new candidate for cyberattack

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