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Knowledge magazine contact 3.18


Interview with Dr. Michael Fübi
International meetings, production monitoring, or working from home – everything is possible at the click of a mouse. But what role do the personal and real play in this new world of work?

Living Connected
Thanks to digitalization, social interaction is becoming an increasingly virtual endeavor. However in many areas, that personal handshake is still indispensable.

Three Individuals, One Underlying Motivation

For Dr. Judith-Irina Buchheim, Dr. Gerald Hüther, and Lennart Lockstein, the connection between digitalization and social interaction is the critical factor.

In spite of the growth in online retail, real-world businesses still have a future. What will the shopping centers of the future look like? | The automotive industry is continuously working on its safety assistance systems. What characteristics would the human body have to possess to avoid injury when accidents occur?

Also included in this issue:

Bridging the Gap
Bridges are masterpieces of engineering. Without continuous repair and restoration, most of them would be out of commission today.

Bright Lights
Smart lighting is energy-efficient and offers many advantages, but it also has a dark side – it collects a whole lot of data.

Germany has had one since 2011 and now it is coming to the rest of Europe: the broadband atlas. The atlas will highlight the regions that still need work.

Many onshore wind farms have been built over the past few years. The operators of these installations are forced to question the practicality of further operation, refitting, or decommissioning.

Passionate Player
Philipp Schermer is a professional gamer. In this interview, he explains why e-sports are now a billion-dollar global market, and why the social aspect plays such a massive role in the phenomenon.

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Current issues of the knowledge magazine as pdf:

Knowledge magazine contact 3.18


International meetings, training and study, daily shopping, and personal conversations – everything can be done virtually nowadays, but that’s not enough. People crave a fulfilling synergy between digital and analog worlds – the ‘real-digital’ life.

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Knowledge magazine contact 2.18

Sharing for the benefit of all - digitalization makes it possible.
Global Marketplace
Worldwide trade is not a problem when the rules are followed.

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Knowledge magazine contact 1.18

Humans and robotics
Smart Nursing Care
More Freedom in Old Age
The Old Switcheroo
Oldtimer: Catching Up with Counterfeiters

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