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Knowledge magazine contact 3.19


Dr. Michael Fübi: “Taking responsibility”
Autonomy in life and at work is of vital importance to most people and requires a high degree of personal responsibility.

Can we make our own decisions?
Are ourselves, our lives, our actions, the Earth, the solar system, and our perception of the universe truly real? Or is it all just a clever simulation?

Can we live a self-determined life?
People feel free in the digital space. But are they really? We often forget that self-determination is also severely restricted in digitality.

Can we control our own image?
We already know that, in the digital era, our photos and written words can be manipulated. But deepfakes take us to an entirely new level of deception.
Jesuit priest Clemens Kascholke knows from his own experience that autonomy also means self-abandonment. Interior architect Susanne Volkens explains how we express ourselves through our own homes. Eduard Saluz, Director of the German Clock Museum, describes how time regulates our entire life.

Also in this issue:

A view of the Earth
Ninety-five percent of all foods come from the earth. But many resources has been destroyed in the past. It is high time to search for alternatives that will allow us to feed the world.

Network requirement
The growth of digitalization and networking has created new challenges for the automotive sector. Can manufacturers stand up to these major challenges?

Sustainability is a defining issue in our world that also affects companies. It is about more than just compliance with environmental regulations.

Designer and maker Laura Kampf creates things herself or refurbishes existing ones. In doing so, her aim is to inspire as many people as possible to make things themselves.

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Current issues of the knowledge magazine as pdf:

Knowledge magazine contact 3.19


Everything under control?
How we steer our lives between autonomy and dependence.

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Knowledge magazine contact 2.19


It is absolutely normal for us to measure and categorize the world from the nano to the macro level. But where are the limits of what is measurable? Perhaps in the most elementary but least tangible part of ourselves – the soul.

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Knowledge magazine contact 1.19


The human dilemma: we have so much knowledge and so many opportunities, yet we are still unable to solve our most urgent present and future challenges. It is high time for a fresh start.

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