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Knowledge magazine contact 2.19

Cover Story MEASURable:

Dr. Michael Fübi: Is absolutely everything measurable?

Measurement is a prerequisite for technical and social progress. But isn’t it presumptuous to believe that we can measure and finally understand everything?

Key life measurements

Assistant Professor Dr. Axel Nothnagel, Geodetic Institute of the University of Bonn, examines the time data of the earth’s rotation and explains why we always keep our orientation (p. 4).

Happiness researcher Professor Dr. Michaela Brohm-Badry is convinced that following a drastic experience, people are happier than before (p. 12).

Professor Dr. Volker Schürmann from the German Sport University Cologne finds it foolhardy to intervene medically in the human body to achieve equality of results in sport (p. 20).

Man under the magnifying glass

The human body can be fully measured. Advanced measurement methods allow us to see

increasingly precise details. But what about human consciousness? Human dignity, happiness and education?

Also in this issue:

Maximum capacity reached

Global air traffic is growing at an annual rate of five percent. This increase leads to problems. Airports and air traffic controllers are sometimes stretched to their limits.

Smart consultation hours

Thanks to smart medicine, the human body can be monitored around the clock and diagnoses can be made quickly and easily. But smart medicine does not replace a visit to the doctor.

Pixelated illumination

Modern headlamp systems have long been more than prescribed vehicle components. They have become an important design element for car manufacturers. And they are true light heroes.

The fifth generation

5G aims to connect the whole world and advance digitization. But what can 5G really do? Who benefits from the new standard? And what impact will it have?

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Knowledge magazine contact 2.19


It is absolutely normal for us to measure and categorize the world from the nano to the macro level. But where are the limits of what is measurable? Perhaps in the most elementary but least tangible part of ourselves – the soul.

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Knowledge magazine contact 1.19


The human dilemma: we have so much knowledge and so many opportunities, yet we are still unable to solve our most urgent present and future challenges. It is high time for a fresh start.

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Knowledge magazine contact 3.18


International meetings, training and study, daily shopping, and personal conversations – everything can be done virtually nowadays, but that’s not enough. People crave a fulfilling synergy between digital and analog worlds – the ‘real-digital’ life.

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