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Please have a look at the current issue of our knowledge magazine contact - available as flippable PDF-file:

Knowledge magazine contact 1.19


Dr. Michael Fübi “It’s time for tabula rasa”
People often let taboos stand in their way. But sometimes the best thing to do is to break those taboos and start anew.

I. Taking control of the future.
Change takes the courage and determination to go down new and sometimes unfamiliar paths. All too often, we stand in our own way.

YOU. Influencing the environment ina positive way.

In a globally connected world, the actions of every individual have an effect on the whole. It is time to take responsibility.

WE. Reorganizing the world.
A growing global population, dwindling resources, climate change – these are some of the ways humans have pushed the earth to its limits. A radical reorganization may be necessary.

Also included in this issue:

The blockchain is one of the most promising technologies of the future. Since the technology is still in its infancy, it remains to be seen how it can really benefit humankind.

Freshly cooked meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables instead of the usual bland, standard fare – star chef Ralf Meyer has revolutionized the hospital kitchen at Augusta-Kliniken in Bochum, Germany.

Industrial facilities are usually controlled by computer systems. They can be easy prey for hackers, given that many companies are not yet prepared to handle these threats.

Smart clothing is nothing new. There are already T-shirts that can make phone calls and onesies that can monitor a baby’s breathing rate. But dangers can also lurk inside smart clothing.

According to author Marc Elsberg, the Internet is a place of total digital surveillance. Online privacy and data protection are taboos that are constantly being broken, says Elsberg.

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Current issues of the knowledge magazine as pdf:

Knowledge magazine contact 1.19


The human dilemma: we have so much knowledge and so many opportunities, yet we are still unable to solve our most urgent present and future challenges. It is high time for a fresh start.

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Knowledge magazine contact 3.18


International meetings, training and study, daily shopping, and personal conversations – everything can be done virtually nowadays, but that’s not enough. People crave a fulfilling synergy between digital and analog worlds – the ‘real-digital’ life.

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Knowledge magazine contact 2.18

Sharing for the benefit of all - digitalization makes it possible.
Global Marketplace
Worldwide trade is not a problem when the rules are followed.

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