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CE Marking fire and smoke resistant windows and doors. (EN 16034)

CE marking for pedestrian doorsets, industrial, commercial, garage doors and openable windows is allowed since november 2016. CE marking per 1 november 2019 for these windows and doors is mandatory. To be able to CE mark your products hire a recognised third party to increase quality.

TÜV Rheinland Nederland is acknowledged by the Dutch accreditation council to certify windows and doors. Testing is executed by recognised labs. Audits that are required for the CE marking for smoke resistant windows and doors are conducted by TÜV Rheinland.

In England non fire resisting doors need to be replaced with doors that provide at least 30 minutes fire resistance. Only third party certified doors are allowed.


Please contact us for more information

Please contact us for more information

Factory audits or Factory Production Control (FPC)

This new recommendation, requiring independent third party certification like TÜV Rheinland, is an important change in government recommendation. It removes the ability for a windows or door manufacturer to declare fire performance against a Global Fire Assessment, or a one off Fire Test Report.

With this third party certification in regular re-tests and factory audits are required.

For certification of the manufacturer a documented FPC systems needs to be in place and in use. This guarantees that the windows and doors will comply with the performance that is documented in the Declaration of Performance (DoP). The FPC system consists of the procedures assessments, tests and results.

To keep up high quality and produce safe windows and doors the process that leads to CE-marking is strict and of high quality. Follow the steps in the roadmap.

Roadmap to CE marking

1. FPC quality management system conform EN 16034

2. Test results always available, including ITT reports

3. Produce according the quality management system

4. Audit in the factory

  • a. is all information available
  • b. is the quality management system according the EN 16034
  • c. is product according the quality management system

5. Sample taking for Initial Type Testing by or on behalf of the Notified Certification Body

6. Testing at an accredited test lab

7. Certificate

8. Declaration of Performance for windows and doors

9. CE marking on products allowed

10. Yearly FPC auditing

Notifications, accreditations and designations of TÜV Rheinland Nederland B.V.

Notified Laboratory (no. 1750) and Notified Certification Body (no. 0336);

Accredited as ISO 17025 Test Laboratory (no. L 484) and ISO 17065 Certification Body (no. C078);

Designated as Technical Service (Laboratory) for ECE R43 automotive glass (E1 and E4);

Recognised by the German Institute for building technics (DIBt) under number NL005.


Please contact us for more information

Please contact us for more information