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Content Development

Content Development

Tailored E-Learning Content

Are you looking for individual advanced training offers or wish to set mediation standards, for example, for training that requires certification and verification? Our content development services are just what you need. We plan and produce learning programs, videocasts, audiocasts, or profiling tailored to your company's needs. From analyses to planning and conception up to execution, testing and evaluation, our services are designed to meet all of your demands.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland as your partner for individualized learning content, you:

  • Get multimedia solutions that are tailored to your business and requirements.
  • Trust in a partner with more than 20 years of experience in the field of e-learning.

WBT – Web Based Training

In our multimedia learning programs, Web Based Training, or WBTs for short, we adapt complex course material with long-term validity for your company. In online-aided self-learning phases your employees can learn the material by themselves – in interactive sessions and over long-term learning phases.


Videocasts are ideal for conveying concentrated knowledge in short sequences. A presenter introduces the content that is simultaneously visible in the background as illustrations or graphics. You can also present case studies realistically or incorporate expert interviews in the curriculum. Videocasts can be produced in our own studios, if needed – from the script to the recording to execution.


Audiocasts are particularly suitable for mobile learning. Whether in the car, on the bicycle or while doing sports, audiocasts can be used almost anywhere and anytime. They are the perfect accompaniment to longer learning passages and are also good to use as stand-alone modules or units. We produce our audiocasts with professional speakers as turnkey projects so they meet your demands.

Profiling – Analyses of Requirements

At the beginning of a learning program, employees can assess their potential for improvement and which knowledge gaps they still need to close. Profiling sequences also enable online-supported consulting scenarios. Our software makes custom-fit recommendations for the path to qualification. The learner can check which goals they have achieved while the new media training is ongoing and also get repetition recommendations where needed. This method also lets users take the final exams relevant for certificates.

Mobile Contents

All of the learning media we create is also available for mobile devices, depending on the licensing model you choose. You can select whether the same course material should only be accessed on a PC or whether it should also be available for mobile devices. Combinations with hardware solutions, like our MLD Mobile Device, are also possible.


Accor Blended Learning

Accor: Blended Learning

Since July 2010 Accor Hotel Group offers the employees blended learning solutions in the areas of bar, wine and style knowledge. All of our modular training units are illustrated with pictures from the Accor world. In addition, the e-learning units also take into account the broad brand portfolio of the hotel group, covering both, the claims of 2-star hotels like Etap or Ibis hotels as well as from the Sofitel luxury hotels.

Bosch and Siemens home appliences

Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances: Basic Knowledge

Cooling and Freezing - Cool Thing! This is the titel of an online training for BSH service staff worldwide. Trainers of Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances Group convey basic knowledge in the field of refrigeration and freezing equipment. In spring 2010, we updated and ported both, the e-learning as well as the blended learning application.


Even the experts evaluate the solutions we develop for our customers, with top marks.


Comenius EduMedia Seal

Since 1995 the Society for Pedagogy and Information (GPI), a scientific society for multimedia, educational technology and media didactics, awards the Comenius-EduMedia-Awards to outstanding products in the field of ICT-supported educational media.

For These Application we won the Award:

  • Train the Trainer Mobile (2012)
  • Bar Knowledge, Employee Training for Accor Hotel Group (2011)
  • Office Management Assistant Online (2009)
  • International Welding Specialist, Part 3; Fit in Mathematics; Fit in German Language (2008)
  • Online Praxis Guide Sales (2007)
  • TCI Tele Coach International; tischl@rn - Blended Learning in Carpentry (2006)
  • Online Praxis Guide Management (2005)
  • TTT Train the Trainer (2003)


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