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Job Responsibilities:

1. 支持销售部门内部日常运营

Support daily operation of department

2. 具备细致的综合处理能力,为培训服务交付过程提供必要的支持工作,含课前准备、课程跟进、课后服务等

Have meticulous and comprehensive problem-solving skills, and need to provide necessary support for Course, including pre-class preparation, course follow-up, after-class service, etc.

3. 证书制作安排及打印

Certification generation and printing

4. 配合销售招投标文件处理,报价单、合同盖章申请等

Cooperate with sales bidding documents processing, quotation, contract sealing application, etc.

5. 教材及培训物料支持管理

Course file and training material management

6. 支持市场推广和活动推进

Support and facilitate the marketing activities

7. 完成上级交代的其他工作事项

Complete other work matters as assigned by superiors

Job Requirements:

1. 本科学历或以上

Bachelor degree or above

2. 灵活的处事能力和抗压能力,适应快节奏的外企工作

Flexible and stress-resistant, adaptable to fast-paced foreign company work

3. 一年以上相关行业工作经验者优先考虑

Above 1 year of working experience in related industry is a plus

4. 基本的英语读写能力

Basic English skill

5. Word, Excel and PowerPoint 能力

Good at Word, Excel and Power Point

6. 具备较强的团队合作精神和资源整合能力,与老师团队和销售助理共同协作

Have a strong spirit of teamwork and will work together with trainer team and TS team

7. 具备独立思考的工作能力和认真负责的工作态度,具备较强的沟通能力、执行力、协调能力和抗压能力

Think independently, responsible working attitude, good communication skills, good execution and coordination skills, can work under high pressure

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No. 199 Kezhu Road Guangzhou Science City Luogang District
510670 Guangzhou


As an international services group, we want to create a working environment in which all our employees feel secure and comfortable - an environment in which they enjoy giving their best with commitment. The key to this lies in an open, respectful cooperation across all countries, cultures and lifestyles. After all, around 20,000 employees at 500 locations around the globe provide more than 2,500 services. The results of their work can be seen everywhere: in tested elevators or rides, on certified toys or technical equipment, in our consultations or training sessions. No matter where - our international teams have been setting standards in terms of safety, quality and efficiency for many years.

We value diversity - and take on responsibility

Our specialists appreciate this versatile portfolio, the exciting tasks and the value of their work for people, the environment and technology. And we value our specialists for their know-how and commitment, but also for their different personalities and careers. Combined with the professionalism and sense of responsibility of each individual, we create a culture of openness, growth and collegiality. We want to further strengthen this culture and consistently promote respect in our dealings with one another. Not only do we say that, we live that. We have committed ourselves to acting in accordance with the principles of the UN Global Compact initiative, to fighting corruption and to working for human rights, labour standards and environmental protection in our daily work. We are active in numerous networks and projects that stand for diversity and equality. In addition, we have developed a broad range of products and services that help to reconcile the professional and private worlds so that our employees can work in a healthy, motivated and optimal environment.