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ASME - Authorized Inspector

The Authorized Inspector shall make all inspections as deemed necessary to ensure that pressure component (s) for non-nuclear service to be stamped with the ASME Code mark are designed, fabricated, and inspected in accordance with the ASME Code.

These roles require extensive travel. Local candidates are sought to be based from our Houston, Texas office traveling as required to client sites. Valid driver’s license required.

  • Perform third-party independent inspections to ensure all boiler and pressure vessels meet conformity assessment standards and procedures in accordance with the manufacture’s scope of work and the applicable ASME code(s).
  • Verify the manufacturing organization’s representative has signed the ASME Manufacturer’s Data Report and that it is correct before applying the date, Authorized Inspector’s signature, National Board Commission number, and endorsement. The Authorized Inspector has the authority and responsibility to refuse to sign any Manufacturer’s Data Report involving unresolved nonconformance with the ASME Code.
  • Witness and/or verify that the required Code Mark is correct, and where applicable is properly attached.
  • Verify that all welding and/or brazing procedures and all welders, operators, and braziers conform to ASME Code Section IX and applicable Code of construction. Verify all weld defects and imperfections are acceptably repaired.
  • Monitor compliance of each activity of Certificate Holder’s Quality Control Manual on an ongoing basis.
  • Verify all required documentation is complete and that materials comply with Code requirements.
  • Verify that required NDE, impact tests, and other required tests and examinations have been performed by qualified personnel, and that the results meet Code requirements and are properly documented.
  • Verify that required heat treatments have been properly performed and are properly documented.
  • Verify that all required construction controls are in place.
  • Perform all required internal, external and visual inspections.
  • Participate in ASME Joint Reviews of assigned shops, including review and acceptance of ASME Certificate Holder’s Quality Manual.
  • Document daily inspection activities.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skill, & Abilities
  • Knowledge of ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Codes.
  • Knowledge of Quality Control Systems, programs and shop and field erection procedures.
  • Knowledge and ability to evaluate and monitor shop and field erection procedures and performance.
  • Knowledge of the requirements for maintenance and retention of in-transit and permanent records.
  • Required: High School/Vocational School Diploma plus experience.
  • Preferred: Bachelor’s or Associate’s Degree in Engineering, Science or Mathematics plus experience.
  • Technical Training in Quality Systems, Engineering, Fabrication Methods or NBIC or ASME code course

A minimum of 1-year of technical experience in a combination of the following areas is required:
  • Engineering or design review;
  • Manufacturing, including fabrication methods or processes, in either shop or field;
  • Operation of boilers exceeding 50,000 pounds per hour;
  • Performance of repair, alteration, or maintenance of boilers/pressure vessels;
  • Quality control systems related to boiler or pressure vessel manufacturing, repair or alteration in either shop or field;
  • Inspection of boilers or pressure vessels either in service or during construction for shop or field;
  • NDE Level II examination of boilers/pressure vessels.

  • Valid National Board Commission with an ‘AI’ commission with applicable endorsements, or a qualified candidate for application of obtaining commission (meeting requirements with education and experience as noted above).

  • Construction work environment.
Equipment Used
  • Lap Top Computer.
Travel Required
  • Travel to clients' work sites as required. Travel may be out-of-town for long periods of time. Valid driver’s license required.
  • ** No telephone calls; no agency calls/no agency inquiries, please!***

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As an international services group, we want to create a working environment in which all our employees feel secure and comfortable - an environment in which they enjoy giving their best with commitment. The key to this lies in an open, respectful cooperation across all countries, cultures and lifestyles. After all, around 20,000 employees at 500 locations around the globe provide more than 2,500 services. The results of their work can be seen everywhere: in tested elevators or rides, on certified toys or technical equipment, in our consultations or training sessions. No matter where - our international teams have been setting standards in terms of safety, quality and efficiency for many years.

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Our specialists appreciate this versatile portfolio, the exciting tasks and the value of their work for people, the environment and technology. And we value our specialists for their know-how and commitment, but also for their different personalities and careers. Combined with the professionalism and sense of responsibility of each individual, we create a culture of openness, growth and collegiality. We want to further strengthen this culture and consistently promote respect in our dealings with one another. Not only do we say that, we live that. We have committed ourselves to acting in accordance with the principles of the UN Global Compact initiative, to fighting corruption and to working for human rights, labour standards and environmental protection in our daily work. We are active in numerous networks and projects that stand for diversity and equality. In addition, we have developed a broad range of products and services that help to reconcile the professional and private worlds so that our employees can work in a healthy, motivated and optimal environment.