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LoRaWAN® Certification Program

LoRa Alliance Certification by TÜV Rheinland

Strengthening smart connections – with LoRaWAN® Certification

LoRa Alliance Certification

Managing directors, wireless engineers and quality managers as well as network operators, manufacturers and system integrators rely on independent LoRaWAN® Certification to ensure their LoRaWAN devices are of high quality and compliant to regulatory requirements. LoRaWAN® Certification increases market visibility and strengthens brand reputation by recognizing a defined level of quality assurance.

We are authorized to test and certify your LoRaWAN devices appropriate to LoRa Alliance requirements promoting harmonization, quality and continued interoperability throughout the product test cycle in terms of functional testing.

In addition to the testing and certification services our telecommunications experts can support you with topics relevant to successfully managing market development and international access.

Stand out among the increasing number of companies developing LoRaWAN products and make sure your network components function properly and stay reliably connected according to a global standard.

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Providing LoRaWAN® Certification with our testing services

Take advantage of our LoRaWAN® Certification services to build customer confidence in your products with proven quality assurance and compliance according to the LoRa Alliance specifications.

Reduce both risk and costs with high-quality, properly-functioning products. Save time and money using pre-test options to avoid failing ratings during the certification process. Our global team of experts can provide you with support and guidance throughout certification process.

Testing for LoRaWAN® certified products

LoRa Alliance certified program by TÜV Rheinland
LoRa Alliance testing and certification.

Our LoRaWAN® Certification provides support for devices enabling the low-cost, mobile and secure bi-directional communication used in IoT, M2M and smart city as well as industrial and consumer applications. We test interoperability, functionality and reliability as well as the quality of both the network and end-points optimizing low power consumption.

As an authorized LoRa Alliance testing provider, we ensure the quality and compliance of your LoRaWAN component products. Our experts can conduct pre-testing to determine any need for debugging or repairs. The current scope of requirements mandates up to 8 hours of testing with results being forwarded to the LoRa Alliance through which successful candidates will be awarded certification.

In addition to beneficial voluntaryLoRaWAN® Certification, products may be subject to other compulsory regulations such as:

  • R&TTE - RED Directive
  • FCC - 47CFR part 15.247
  • NCC approval - Taiwan
  • NAL approval - China
  • JRF & JPA - Japan
  • AS/NZS 4268, self-declaration - Australia

Ensure quality, enhance image and expand markets

LoRaWAN® Certification distinguishes your quality products, reinforces your positive corporate image and strengthens your placement in diverse markets. As your approved and trusted LoRa Alliance testing partner, we provide you:

  • Global service and laboratories
  • Additional testing and certification
  • Possible purchase of the test solution for your own pre-testing
  • An international network of wireless experts from the telecommunications industry
  • Technical consultancy in all design and developmental aspects of connectivity and radio technology with reference to standards, testing and certification requirements

Demonstrate your company commitment to quality with LoRaWAN® Certification.

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Frequently asked questions – LoRaWAN® Certification

Would you like to learn more about our LoRaWAN® Certified Program? Here we answer frequently asked questions relating to our service. Is the answer to your question missing? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

1. Why should I certify my product?
LoRaWAN® certification ensures interoperability and compliance with LoRaWAN® networks. It also entitles your product to use the LoRaWAN® Certified logo. You will also receive a product listing on the LoRa Alliance website, as well as product promotion in other LoRa Alliance collateral.

2. Do I need to be member in LoRa Alliance in order to certify my LoRaWAN® product?
Yes, only LoRa Alliance members are entitled to use LoRaWAN® Certified logo.

3. What kind of LoRaWAN® devices can be certified?
Currently (August 2016) the certification program is for Class A devices at EU region 863-870MHz band. Certification program for Class B, Class C and Gateway devices has not yet been opened. The certification program for regions that do not use EU ISM Band is also still under development. However, you may contact TÜV Rheinland (a LoRa Alliance authorized test service provider) if you are interested in pre-certification testing for devices that do not yet have a certification program.

4. What is the LoRaWAN® certification process?

LoRaWAN certification process – TÜV Rheinland

5. What does the LoRaWAN® certification test and what does it not test?
The LoRaWAN® certification tests for end node functionality, in other words it tests that node's LoRaWAN® protocol stack and application are compliant with the LoRaWAN® specification. The certification does not cover radio performance. Radio performance includes things such as the radiated power, radio sensitivity etc. These are key parameters for good performance when signal strength is weak.

6. How long does it take to run the LoRaWAN® certification tests?
If you book a time for certification and provide the product to be tested, typically the test results may be delivered within one week from the booked date.

7. Is regulatory testing (CE/FCC) required prior to LoRaWAN® certification testing?
No, regulatory testing can take place before, after or at the same time with the LoRaWAN® certification testing.

Learn more about our LoRaWAN® certification program

pdf Flyer – Technical Overview of LoRa® and LoRaWAN® 2 MB Download
pdf Product Sheet –LoRaWAN® certification 2 MB Download
pdf Certificate - LoRaWAN® Authorized Test House (ATH) 172 KB Download

Wireless / Internet of Things (IoT)

We certify and test globally all major wirless standards to shape the future of wireless life.
Your Wireless Life. Our Passion.

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