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Return Talks after Periods of Illness

Return Talks after Periods of Illness

Coaching Sessions for On-Site Reintegration Management

How can managers and employees jointly contribute to improving the working climate? And minimize motivational absenteeism? If led constructively, staff appraisals can help prevent relapses, absenteeism, and dismissals due to illness. Our experts can help your managers improve their personal conversation style and prepare them for the patient’s return talk. We can help you development conversation guidelines and can practice with hands-on methods – using case discussions and role-play.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland as a partner for return talks after leave of illness:

  • You can help your managers lead health talks and create a healthy work context.
  • The focus is on work performance, targeting the welfare of the employee just as much as the objectives of your company.
  • We offer short-term consulting in acute conflict or crisis situations.
  • You benefit from transparent costs, because the scope and costs of our services are clearly defined.

Return Talks - Typical Seminar Schedule

Part 1: Managers’ Concerns

  • Absenteeism
  • Difficult everyday situations
  • Good communication structures
  • Ambitions for their own departments

Part 2: Perception, Communication, and Interaction

Part 3: The Current Situation

In the third part we discuss concrete situations at the workplace – aspects of organizational psychology as well as difficult situations in everyday management. The focus is on developing general strategies for your managers. Should personal difficulties crop up in this context, the following aftercare module can clarify these later on in a direct conversation with our staff on the telephone.

Part 4: The Aftercare Module

Within the first three months after the action, our integration team calls all participants of the workshop within a period of four weeks:

  • To evaluate the talks on health that took place
  • To reflect on the communication behavior in the department
  • To clarify the status of optimization needs as defined in the individual conversation manuals

Our Seminar Modules

  • Information as a basis for action
  • Inner layoff and learned helplessness
  • Absenteeism, presenteeism, and stress as relationship phenomena
  • Dialectics with the focus on health and performance
  • Reflection of personal conversation styles
  • Development of conversation manuals
  • Practical exercises based on case studies and role-play
  • Aftercare module

Healthy Workers are Happy Workers

Measures for corporate integration management should always include integration support for repeat or long-term sufferers of illness. In conversations, employees are informed about what has happened during their absence, giving them the feeling that their presence is desired.

Objectives of the Return Talk

  • Research into the causes of the disease, to avoid chronic prevalence
  • Support for stabilization
  • Introduction of systematic communication structures between employees and managers

Culture of Dialog - a Prerequisite for Health-Conscious Human Capital Management

Corporate integration management should be embedded in a culture of dialog, which shouldn’t just begin when a worker is unable to work for more than six weeks in a row, or repeatedly. Integration management is only credible and successful in a company when it is based on health-conscious human resource management. Which also has to include a healthy culture of discussion.

Legal Standard

Social security code (Sozialgesetzbuch, § 84 Paragraphs 1 and 2, SGB IX)


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