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Testing and Assessment Services for Buildings

TÜV Rheinland

Whether you are a builder, operator or investor in the construction of commercial and residential real estate, you are concerned with safety, integrity and durability. Our experts are here to support you through project realization and in most cases long after project completion. We help you ensure quality and safety of your assets while in service. Meeting international and national standards for energy, environment and fire safety for buildings can be quite a challenge. We offer a range of services to support technical system safety in buildings.

Attest that all aspects of your building project are safe, from planning and design to installation and service. Furthermore, we offer monitoring of mechanical and electrical systems. Identify risks and gain important insight with our recommendations. Benefit from our experience and reliability.

Our portfolio

Buildings and Properties: Erecting
Erecting Buildings and Properties 

Well-planned and professionally built.

Construction Products - Pollutants and Emissions
Construction Products - Pollutants and Emissions 

Monitoring and Testing Construction Materials.

Construction: Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance Plans
Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance Plans in Construction 

Planning consultation for the right construction location.

Conveyor and Mechanical Technology
Conveyor and Mechanical Technology Inspection 

Inspection and testing for conveyor and mechanical systems to ensure proper operation and the highest level of safety.

Elevator Energy Efficiency Assessment
Elevator Energy Efficiency Assessment  

Optimizing power consumption of vertical transportation with expert testing and certification.

Elevator Inspection
Elevator Testing and Inspection 

We support you with comprehensive services covering all aspects of elevator systems.

Emergency Communication Systems and Centres
Emergency Communication Systems and Centers 

Testing, conformance assessment and consulting for your vertical transport emergency systems.

Expediting Services
Expediting Services for Industrial Projects 

Ensure equipment, material, and components arrive at the right place, at the right time and function properly.

Expert Evaluation in Foundation Engineering
Expert Evaluation in Foundation Engineering 

Geotechnics – Focus on Structural Integrity.

Expert Reports for Construction
Expert Reports for Every Phase of Construction 

Professional Assessment of Real Estate and Land.

Glass Testing & Certification for the Construction and Building Industry
Glass Testing & Certification for the Construction and Building Industry 

Glass test services from a single source: Take advantage of our track record and extensive experience in glass testing.

Rock Mechanics Studies
Rock Mechanics Studies 

Building Solidly on Rocky Ground.

Services for Glass Products in Solar Applications
Services for Glass Products in Solar Applications 

The better the quality of your solar glass, the higher the energy yield of photovoltaic infrastructure.

Site Supervision in Construction
Site Supervision in Construction 

Protect project value by ensuring quality and preventing delays with our construction site supervision services.

Structural and Technical Systems: Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance 

Assured Quality and Safety for Automated Processes.

Testing for Automatic Measuring Systems
Testing and Calibration for Measuring Systems (AMS)  

We test your automatic measuring systems (AMS) with function testing and calibration.

Window and Door Testing & Certification for Construction Work
Window and Door Testing & Certification 

Certified windows and doors tests in compliance with European safety, security and efficiency standards.


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Get in contact with us!