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Smart Home Networking with Maximum Flexibility

The IP500 standard is a secure open, non-proprietary and high-performance building automation platform. By using and supporting the main industry norms IEEE 802.15.4-2006, 6LoWPAN, IPv6, IPSec, BACnet, and AES128, it is the only wireless standard that ensures maximum interoperability and thus flexibility. In addition, IP500 is an ultra-low power technology run by battery, energy harvesting or ac/mains.

Devices and systems utilizing the IP500 standard have to comply with the international and national regulations imposed by the implemented communication protocols, such as the selection of frequencies or electromagnetic interferences (EMI) limitations. Furthermore, they are subject to applicable safety and security legislation and regulations.

With extensive experience and knowledge in wireless technology, our experts can support you with IP500 testing and certification services to ensure interoperability and compliance of IP500 communication modules with applicable standards and regulations.

Benefits of Our IP500 Services at a Glance

The IP500 services by TÜV Rheinland can support you with:

  • Faster time-to-market through interoperable system elements.
  • Competitively positioning your products with our independent third party test mark.
  • Extensive one-stop shop services.
  • Certification of your IP500 communication modules and products to ensure interoperability and performance.
  • Qualified experts with comprehensive knowledge of wireless technology and standards.

Our experts are happy to answer your questions and provide you additional information on IP500. Contact us!

Our IP500 Services

Our experts initially test and certify the standard compliance of the IP500 communication module stand-alone. Devices containing IP500 communication modules are subject to testing and certification according to the IP500 standard and other relevant environmental and performance standards. In the long run, we plan to provide customers with extended services including compliance testing or certification related to their regulated functionality.

IP500 Testing Approach

Our services consist of the following steps:

  • Compliance testing of devices against the technical standard (based on test standard)
  • Interoperability testing
  • Connectivity testing (initially with BACnet™)
  • Co-existence testing (with other, similar systems)

Applications of IP500

IP500 is suitable for applications and functions in home and building control like:

  • Access control, locks
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Escape route systems
  • Intrusion detection
  • Lighting and climate control
  • Messaging and localization

Our Locations

If you have any questions concerning IP500, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are available around the clock, seven days a week.

Jens Hempel
Head Competence Center Smart Grid
TÜV Rheinland Germany

The IP500 Alliance

Founded in 2007, the IP500 Alliance is an international industry initiative launched by leading manufacturers, users and operators with the focus on applications such as access control, fire and smoke detection and escape route systems. It provides and supports the framework for a complete wireless IP500 solution based on the common and worldwide accepted IETF (IPv6), IEEE (802.15.4) standards, regulations and industry protocols for smart sensors / objects.

In addition, the alliance enables suppliers to provide reliable and fully interoperable IP500 solutions and synchronize with other related groups / alliances.

More information


Online Certification Platform

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Official Website of IP500 Alliance

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