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American Society for Testing Materials Publishes Standard for Bassinets and Cradles – ASTM F2194-12

11-27-12Newtown, CT

The American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) recently published the 2012 revision of the ASTM F2194 standard (ASTM F2194-12) to address safety concerns regarding bassinets and cradles that are well known to the market.

The revised standard defines a bassinet/cradle as a small bed especially designed for infants and supported by free standing legs, a wheeled base, a rocking base or the ability to swing relative to a stationary base. The revised specification notes the many safety concerns proposed by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), based on past product returns.

The key changes are as follows:

  • Bassinets/cradles with a rocking base or a stationary base with the ability to swing shall have a surface angle suitable for sleeping, including maximum permissible swing and rest angles.
  • At least a 7.5-inch side height above the mattress is required.
  • Assessment shall be performed for the risk that an infant’s head could be caught in fabric-sided products.
  • No confinement of the infant may exist in the rock/swing state.
  • An increase in font size for warnings and instructions.

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