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Product Safety Testing - Fake Nutribullet explodes after only 4 seconds

Cheap counterfeit products: Hard to tell a genuine from a fake

With BBC Radio 5 and Electrical Safety First, our lab experts tested genuine and fake Nutribullet blenders - with a significant outcome.

Every year, over a million consumers purchase counterfeit electrical products in Great Britain alone – and that without even knowing it. These goods can sometimes be dangerous, as a test conducted by the British charity “Electrical Safety First” underlines. It had the “Nutribullet”, one of the most popular mixers in Great Britain, tested by our experts in our TÜV Rheinland lab in United Kingdom together with a seemingly identical but counterfeit model.

This test simulated what happens, if a stone or a piece of ice jams the cutting blades during mixing. While the original product passed the safety test with flying colors, the imitation product went up in flames with a bang after just 4.28 seconds. The test results came as little surprise to Steve Curtler, Product Safety Manager at Electrical Safety First.

Many of these counterfeit products expose users to increased risks such as electrocution or fire hazards because they don’t work properly”, explains the safety expert.

The company responsible for the sale of Nutribullets in Great Britain stated that the mixer undergoes rigorous testing by independent experts and fulfils all the safety provisions applicable in both Great Britain and the EU. The company recommends that customers only buy the product from official sellers in order to avoid the danger of receiving a counterfeit model.