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Construction and Building Materials

Your partner for investment projects - for clients, investors, planners, and contractors. We offer all-round services from planning and selecting the right building materials to redevelopment and demolition. Our experts assess, advise, monitor, and certify. So you get holistic solutions for healthy building and living.

Manufacturer Certification in Compliance with EN 1090

EN 1090 Manufacturer Certification

Get certified in compliance with the EN 1090 standard for full access to European markets.

Certification according to ISO 3834

ISO 3834 Certification

Your proof of quality as a manufacturer of technically welded products.

Materials and Construction Products

Materials and Construction Products

Certified Qualiy for all Types of Materials.

Quality Assurance for Structural and Technical Facilities

Quality Assurance

Assured Quality and Safety for Automated Processes.

Quality Monitoring During Construction

Quality Monitoring During Construction

Five-Phase Check: Identify Construction Defects Early.

Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance Plans in Construction

Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance Plans

Planning Consultation for the Right Construction Location.