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FAQ: Applicants Portal

Here we answer frequently asked questions for new application portal: "Your Job".

  • Why should I apply online?
    • Online applications are cheaper as you don’t need to put together an expensive application folder or pay for postage and you can access updates on the status of your application at any time. At our end at TÜV Rheinland, it enables us to process your applications a lot faster.

      In addition: You can register for the “Your Job” applicants’ portal even if you cannot find a suitable post with us immediately. Once you have entered your profile, it is saved and you can apply for any positions posted by TÜV Rheinland at any time. Our HR officers can also inform you immediately of any jobs posted which may be of interest to you. 

  • Can I leave my application and come back to it later (for registered applicants)?
    • As soon as you register with “Your Job”, you will receive an e-mail from us with your log-in details. This allows you to leave “Your Job” at any time and log back in later.  Any data you have entered will be saved. 

  • Where can I find out about the current status of my application?
    • Log in to the “Your Job” applicants’ portal as explained above. You can access the current status of your application under “My Applications”. We will also keep you updated by e-mail.

  • Can I deactivate my profile?
    • You can deactivate your profile at any time under “Applicant profile – activate/deactivate profile” This prevents us from accessing your data. You can reactivate your profile in the same way. 

  • Who can register with the applicants’ portal?
    • Anyone who is interested in joining TÜV Rheinland can and should register whether they are trainees, graduates, professionals or managers! 

  • Who can view my data?
    • Initially, we can only view your data if you have activated your profile. If you apply for a vacancy, your details will be forwarded to the relevant departmental managers and recruiters. Apart from this, only you can access and amend your data. With your consent, your profile will be added to the pool of applicants after activation and made available to all recruiting divisions in TÜV Rheinland. 

  • How long is my data kept?
    • When you have activated your profile in the “Your Job” applicants’ portal, you can decide yourself how long it will be accessible. However, our system reminds you to update or delete your profile after 6 months of “inactivity”. This ensures that we always have up-to-date applicant data in our system. If you wish to prevent TÜV Rheinland from accessing your details at any time, just deactivate your profile. You can also delete your entire registration, ensuring that no-one can access it in future.  If you wish to apply for a post with us at a later date, you must then completely re-enter your details. For further details, please consult our data privacy statement. 

  • What do I do if I forget my password?
    • First click on “Login for registered users” in the “Applicants’ Portal”. Then go to “Forgotten your password?” and enter the user name and e-mail address provided when you registered. Our applicants’ service will send you a new password immediately.

  • How does an on-line application work?
    • After registering, you will be sent a personal confirmation by e-mail. To enable us to process your application as quickly as possible, you should always provide the following documents: a cover letter, a well-written CV and all your certificates (school/university/professional).

      Please provide these documents in the following formats: 

      • JPG, JPEG, BMP, RAW, GIF, TIFF, PNG or
      • PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, PPT

      Each attached document may be no more than 2 MB in size and you can attach a total of 10 files. When transferred, your data will be encrypted using HTTPS, thus preventing unauthorised access. All information in your personal applications portal will also be available to you for any future applications. Please do not hesitate to contact us at jobs@de.tuv.com if you encounter any technical problems with your application.

  • Which browsers are supported?
    • The e-recruiting system supports Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 5.5 and upwards and Firefox 2.x and upwards. Please use these specific browsers otherwise the system may not function properly.

      The system’s access speed depends on the speed of your internet connection. ISDN connections, DSL connections or similar technologies give the best results. 

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