TÜV Rheinland’s mission is linked to making our customers more successful. It is therefore important for us to deal with stakeholder feedback in an objective, effective and efficient manner in order to enhance our service quality and customer satisfaction.

Stakeholders are encouraged to formally address their satisfaction, concerns, complaints, appeals and claims regarding the activities of TÜV Rheinland South African Group. Positive feedback is used as a measure of the effectiveness of our systems, whereas negative feedback is registered as a complaint and managed accordingly. Stakeholders are also afforded the opportunity to appeal against any adverse decisions made by TÜV Rheinland South African Group.

Complaint / Appeal process

So as to ensure that we have sufficient information to conduct a thorough investigation, we would like to request any feedback with regards to complaints and appeals in writing. The general process followed for dealing with negative stakeholder feedback is as follows:

  • Feedback, received within one month after the event that lead to dissatisfaction, will be taken up in the TÜV Rheinland South African Group improvement system. Under exceptional circumstances that may pose a high risk for TÜV Rheinland South African Group, the MD may waive this time period.
  • TÜV Rheinland South African Group will confirm receipt of complaint / appeal.
  • Validity of feedback will be determined after gathering of facts. Where complaint / appeal found to be invalid, adequate reasons will be provided to customer.
  • Valid feedback will be investigated by an impartial assignee.
  • The seriousness of each valid complaint will be evaluated and TÜV Rheinland South African Group will endeavor to resolve its complaints within 2 weeks of receipt. Where not possible, the stakeholder will be informed.
  • The results of the investigation, corrective action taken or decisions reached, together with any supporting evidence shall be recorded.
  • Formal notice will be given to stakeholder upon completion of the complaint /appeal handling process.
  • Where an appeal cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the stakeholder, and within reason, the matter will be referred to the TÜV Rheinland South African Group Council or an Impartiality Committee. A final decision will be reached within 30 working days.
    Note: At any step of the appeal handling process, the appellant may formally present its case.
  • In cases where a stakeholder makes use of TÜV Rheinland South African Group accredited services and wishes to pursue the appeal further, the appeal will be forwarded to the applicable accreditation body or government institutions and their processes will be followed.